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SSAE16 / SAS70 Report Review Tool
Contributed by:Audit
Asset size: Bank with over $1b
Location: Midwest
Description: This tool has proven effective for regulator and external auditor audits. This tool allows the reviewer to mitigate risks of SSAE16 / SAS70 reports by matching defined User Control Considerations found in the SSAE16 / SAS70 report to the organizations controls. This report tool was created by an individual who spent most of the SOX boom performing IT audits for small (50 million) to multinational clients at a Big 4 accounting firm.



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Loan Workout Policy
Asset size: with between $500m - $1b
Description: Loan Workout Policy that incorporates guidance for workouts, classified assets and TDRs. Drafted by the Special Asset Manager. Has been reviewed by the FDIC and approved by the Bank's BOD.
Procedure for Disposition of OREO and REPO Collateral
Asset size: with under $250m
Description: This 4 page document consists of two documents in one: Procedure for Disposition of OREO and REPO (which is included in our Credit Policy) and Procedures for Placing a Loan Into OREO or REPO (which are included in our Loan Operations procedures). The Loan Operations Procedures are step by step procedures for coding a loan as an OREO or REPO on our system (which is FiS Bankway). Though you will have to make several edits, I left everything there so you could see the types of things you may need to consider in developing your own procedures. Good luck!
International Wire Transfer Form
Asset size: with over $1b
Description: This is a standard form for taking information for an international wire transfer. It includes required information such as transaction information, officer approval, payment method, originator and beneficiary fields, etc.

Internal Audit Checklist for review of Call Report
Asked by: SVP,‚ Audit
Asset size: Bank with

Need a Call Report Checklist for Internal Audit review of the Call Report
Answered by:Audit
Asset size: Bank with between $500m - $1b
Location: IL

I review 4 to 6 Call Report Schedules per Quarter. The schedules are listed on a spreads...
Reports that should be reviewed from Q2 Central
Asked by: Cash Management/Treasury Services
Asset size: Bank with

I am very familiar with Q2 Central and Online Banking system. However I am wondering what reports banks and credit unions look at and review for auditing and risk management purposes. I would like to know the information you are looking at and how often you are reviewing this as sort of a "BEST PRACTICES" review.
Answered by:VP, ‚ Back Office/Deposit Operations
Asset size: Bank with between $250m - $500m
Location: CA

We review CSR changes daily. We require backup for all changes, in most cases it is prop...

State Regulatory - IT | May 2013
exam experience posted by a VP‚ Technology from member with under $250m in assets
Brand new CATO questionnaire appeared while one site.
NCUA - IT | October 2012
exam experience posted by a Manager‚ Technology from member with under $250m in assets
ACH questions.
FDIC - S&S | January 2014
exam experience posted by a Manager‚ Technology from member with under $250m in assets
They asked questions about our Internal Audit procedures, wireless access, endpoint controls, and generator availability.

Bankers Dashboard Reporting Tool
Bankers Dashboard
Bond Report, Budget/Asset Liab, Monthly reports
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CASH Insight
Financial Tools, Inc.
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