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Stop Payment Procedures
Contributed by:Manager‚ Marketing
Asset size: Bank with between $250m - $500m
Location: Midwest
Description: This is a sample of procedures for Stop Payments.



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Procedures for stop payment
Asset size: with over $1b
Description: These procedures detail the steps for processing a stop payment.
Stop Payment Procedures
Asset size: with between $250m - $500m
Description: Preview: Stop Payments Procedures Stop payments are placed on checks and ACH items that have not cleared a customer’s account, and that the customer does not wish to have paid for a variety of reasons (such as “lost,” “dispute,” “duplicate payment,” “services cancelled,” etc.). Although, The ABC Bank can place a stop payment on an ACH debit, it is important that the customer is aware that it is their responsibility to cancel the debits with the originator. It is also important to note that Stop Payment forms are a legal document and should be completed entirely.
Stop payment ACH request form
Asset size: with under $250m
Description: Stop payment request specific to ACH transactions.

Dealer Float Lines
Asked by: CLO,‚ Lending/Credit/Loan Admin
Asset size: Bank with

This is in regards to dealer float lines for the purpose of providing immediate credit on outgoing drafts. Our bank goes through the normal approval process for a maximum amount of immediate credit allowed at any one time. My question is: How do you reflect this on your system? Do you show it as a commitment on your system? Do you have them sign a promissory note and/or what type of agreement do you have them execute? How do you monitor the activity? TEchnically it is not a loan until such time as they do not fulfill their obligation and are unable to cover the charge back to their account in the event the draft is returned unpaid. Any help on how others handle this situation or procedures would be very helpful!
Answered by:Compliance/BSA/Legal
Asset size: Bank with under $250m
Location: AR


When we dealt with dealer lines, we would book the loan on the system f...
What are your dormant procedures and fees?
Asked by: VP,‚ Technology
Asset size: Bank with

I'm trying to evaluate the parameters of a dormant account policy including the fee charged, the period of inactivity that defines dormancy and any changes to the statement cycle that are made. Are the parameters different for checking and savings accounts?
Answered by:Compliance/BSA/Legal
Asset size: Bank with between $250m - $500m
Location: SC

Our parameters are the same for checking and savings accounts.

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FDIC - Compliance | August 2013
exam experience posted by a VP‚ Audit from member with under $250m in assets
Written procedure for garnishment of accounts containing federal benefit payments
OTS - Compliance | September 2010
exam experience posted by a VP‚ Compliance/BSA/Legal from member with between $250m - $500m in assets
We had one (1) examiner that spent an entire week on Flood Compliance even though the number of flood loans we do per year is very minimal (3-7). The examiner looked at every flood loan for the previous year, and thorougly reviewed all policies and procedures related to managment of flood loans.
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What our policy was for selecting and uploading information onto social networking websites.

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