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Person-to-Person Payments Proposal
Contributed by:Technology
Asset size: Bank with between $500m - $1b
Location: West
Description: Executive Management Report for the review / approval of a Person-to-Person Payment model as implemented by CheckFree (Fiserv). Includes logic of decision and reason for using existing bill paymaent provider.



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Loan Workout Policy
Asset size: with between $500m - $1b
Description: Loan Workout Policy that incorporates guidance for workouts, classified assets and TDRs. Drafted by the Special Asset Manager. Has been reviewed by the FDIC and approved by the Bank's BOD.
Q2 - How to do ACH Batch Processing- Payroll, Collections, ACH Payments, ACH Receipts
Asset size: with under $250m
Description: Q2 Online banking user guide for ach batch processing can be used for payroll, collections, ach payents and ach receipts. Three page document with screen prints and step by step instuctions. See others available.
ISD Proposal Form-sample
Asset size: with under $250m
Description: Texas ISD Proposal Form-sample

Blocking Foreign POS on debit cards
Asked by: AVP,‚ Technology
Asset size: Bank with

We are a 365 million bank located in the midwest. I am interested in finding out if there are any banks that are currently blocking foreign country codes for POS on customers' debit cards and then releasing the block if a customer calls to inform us they will be using their card foreignly. To mitigate fraud risk, we currently receive a list of suspect transaction activity and call the customers to verify if the POS is authorized. We already block "at risk" countries. We are finding over half of the fraud is generated overseas. If your bank is blocking foreign country codes, I am looking for advise on how you implemented the process. Do you incorporate the merchant category code within the country code to narrow the block? Do you offer a 24 hour call center? How did you notifiy customers of the country blocking change? We would grandfather in all customers currently using their card foreignly.
Answered by:VP, ‚ Back Office/Deposit Operations
Asset size: Bank with between $500m - $1b
Location: PA

Our ATM software allows us to decide whether or not we would allow foreign transactions t...
Person to Person or Account to Account payments
Asked by: VP,‚ Audit
Asset size: Bank with

We are a $300 million bank in Southwest Missouri and are considering offering person to person and/or account to account payments. There is some division among the members of management as to whether these are products our customers would really utilize. Are these services which retain and attract customers or are they a passing fad? Is there much in the way of revenue with these products? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Answered by:Manager, ‚ Marketing
Asset size: Bank with between $250m - $500m
Location: KS

We use POP Money for Person to Person payments. We have approximately 4,000 DDA accounts....

FDIC - CRA | January 2014
exam experience posted by a Compliance/BSA/Legal from member with under $250m in assets
Garnishments with Federal Benefits.
OCC - BSA/AML | October 2013
exam experience posted by a CFO‚ Finance/Investments from member with under $250m in assets
Board BSA training...we have always provided it but this was the first time they asked for our materials.
OCC - Compliance | May 2012
exam experience posted by a Compliance/BSA/Legal from member with between $500m - $1b in assets
<br/><br/> Questions concerning placing of holds

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