CBANC Announces Training Partnership with

on by Allen King

AUSTIN, Texas (Tue, Sep. 15, 2020) — CBANC Network today announced it has partnered with to offer CBANC members Residential Mortgage Origination Practices training. Today is the launch of the first of three training courses created by industry expert Debra Killian. The collaboration enhances CBANC’s mission of empowering its members to lead the evolution of community banking.

“Debra Killian is one of the leaders in training residential mortgage origination,” said Tom Ferries, CEO of CBANC Network. “We’re looking forward to working together to help bankers access the information they need to run their mortgage programs effectively in today’s climate.” has been providing webinars both live and on demand on CBANC Network. This will be its first full-length training offering with CBANC. Soon all of’s training will be available on CBANC to provide bankers with a comprehensive education in residential home lending. Participants will receive professional certification and credits upon completing each of the training courses. 

“We are honored to partner with the CBANC Network to further our mission of elevating mortgage origination to a profession. We are excited to bring deep, expansive knowledge to CBANC members. The future of the origination profession is here,” said Debra Killian, Director of Education and Training, “And we will continue to develop timely and relevant content to support the professional development of all originators.” 

For more information or to register, visit:

About is an education platform dedicated to the professional development of residential NMLS federal registered and state-licensed mortgage originators. The company is an NMLS- approved provider in all 50 states, offering high-quality, online, on demand, cost effective education and training focused on origination practices. Its primary goal is to elevate the level of professionalism within the mortgage industry to improve the customer experience.

About CBANC:

CBANC is the largest professional network of US commercial banking institutions, the people that work for them and the vendors who serve them. We connect bank and credit union professionals, provide them with software to help them streamline their business, and give them access to screened vendors to help them make purchase decisions.

Our mission is to help especially smaller US financial institutions do more, be more efficient, and compete at a higher level, by leveraging the collective power of our network. Over fifty thousand members strong, CBANC’s membership represents over 8,600 financial institutions and over $22 trillion in assets. CBANC is based in Austin, Texas.