CBANC Education and Q2ebanking Present: FREE Webinar on Millennials in Banking

on by Monica Howeth, Education Specialist

Monica Howeth, Director of Education, here with the latest and greatest in our recent On-Demand webinar offerings.

Barret Howell of Q2ebanking recently joined us at CBANC to deliver a FREE in-depth look at the demographic ultimately deciding the future of your institution: Millennials.

Barret is a Regional Sales Manager who works with banks and credit unions, every single day, to help them create a digital banking strategy. In his time with CBANC he shared insight on this critical generation, set to take over the majority of the nation’s wealth in the next two years, that arms your institution with the knowledge it needs to thrive.

Some highlights:

  • The Millennial generation doesn’t consider mobile and banking as two separate options, your FI must catch up and move forward to digitize your business.
  • They know about Cybersecurity, but overlook it. That leads to a startling percentage to simply close their accounts and switch FIs should fraud occur.
  • They share everything. Millennials are more likely to use their friends, community, and user reviews to choose where to put and spend their money than any other active generation.

Barret not only knows Millennials, he IS a Millennial. His expertise and confidence come from his everyday interactions with not only financial institutions, but his peers and community. There is no speculating or guesswork here, simply first-hand testimony of what this rising generation expects from your institution, and what you can do to flourish in the years to come.

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About the Author:

Monica Howeth
Education Specialist