CBANC Network and Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC (ICS) today launched the first-ever Cannabis-Related Business (CRB) certification in the financial industry.

on by Allen King

AUSTIN, Texas (Wed, April 15, 2020) CBANC Network and Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC (ICS) today launched the first-ever Cannabis-Related Business (CRB) certification in the financial industry. The Certified Cannabis Banking Professional (CCBP) credential:

  • Addresses regulatory expectations and compliance for establishing a safe and legal Cannabis Banking Program from the ground up, and gives FIs peace of mind that they are following all Federal guidelines while banking the fastest growing cash crop
  • Educates FI executives, BSA and Compliance Officers and others on how CRBs may impact your compliance program and banking function
  • Helps Owners and Operators of Cannabis Related Businesses understand how to safely and legally access the Banking system

CBANC and ICS continue to help empower bankers as the landscape of the financial industry continues to evolve.  “We’re delighted to launch the first-ever cannabis related banking certification in the industry,” said Bryan Koontz, CEO of CBANC Network. “With the addition of this and other certificate training, we provide our Members access not only to information to help them compete but also to help them further their professional development and grow their careers.”

ICS’ experience addressing the regulatory and compliance framework for cannabis banking in the industry is second to none. They have created partnerships with other CRB industry leaders to keep the rest of us up to date on the latest regulatory changes, and have pioneered the way for the industry to remain compliant as FIs are able to work with the full spectrum of CRBs from direct and indirect marijuana-related businesses to hemp and CBD entities.

“CBANC has been an incredible partner to us in building this certification. We are so proud to unveil the first of its kind as we continue our mission to educate the industry and help to address the regulatory and compliance challenges our financial institution partners face while there continues to be a disconnect between Federal and state laws,” said Angela Lucas, Chief Risk Officer at ICS

CBANC’s platform now includes a new training section, to make it convenient for anyone to access the CCBP certification. Soon there will be other certificate trainings available from other industry leaders. 

For more information or to register, visit:

About Integrated Compliance Solutions:

Integrated Compliance Solutions, LLC is a financial technology, banking and regulatory compliance, and innovative payments solution provider helping financial institutions with complex transactions. ICS has established its reputation as a leading consulting and compliance firm in the cannabis banking sector, and remains committed to providing sound and stable banking solutions to the legal cannabis industry.

As your SEED-TO-BANK compliance partner, ICS has simply been used by more banks, more marijuana-related businesses, and for longer than any other firm in this space.  

About CBANC:

CBANC is the largest professional network of US commercial banking institutions, the people that work for them and the vendors who serve them. We connect bank and credit union professionals, provide them with software to help them streamline their business, and give them access to screened vendors to help them make purchase decisions.

Our mission is to help especially smaller US financial institutions do more, be more efficient, and compete at a higher level, by leveraging the collective power of our network. Over fifty thousand members strong, CBANC’s membership represents over 8,600 financial institutions and over $22 trillion in assets. CBANC is based in Austin, Texas.