CBANC Network Launches Industry First Cannabis Banking Group

on by Allen King

AUSTIN, Texas (Wed, Sep. 9, 2020) — CBANC Network, Incorporated today announced the launch of the industry-first discussion board and resource hub specifically for financial institution professionals who are considering the implications of cannabis related banking (CRB), including hemp and CBD, on their institutions.  This free resource, for CBANC members only, is presented in partnership with Integrated Compliance Solutions and Green Flower Media.

“We’re pleased to support our 55,000 plus members with timely and accurate Cannabis Banking content,” said Mike Snavely, CBANC’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “Our membership has told us loud and clear that this is an area of interest for them, and we’ve partnered with the best two companies in the business to help them navigate these waters.  We invite any bankers or credit union staff considering the implications of CRB on their institutions to join us in the Cannabis Banking Group.”  

The CBANC Cannabis Banking Group provides up-to-date, authoritative information for three audiences:

  • The “cannabis curious” who are investigating the impact of cannabis banking regulation on their institutions. The Group provides access to documents, sample policies and checklists, and expert advice on how to think about and assess the landscape of cannabis banking.
  • The “implementers” who have taken the decision to bank cannabis and are looking for accurate and up to date information on how to do so safely and compliantly.  These bankers can access information on processes and toolsets, along with feedback from active bankers and others who can help them navigate this tricky area.
  • The “active bankers” who are experienced in banking cannabis and are looking to stay up to date on the changing landscape of cannabis banking regulation, best practices, how to handle regulatory examinations, and other topics.

Ralf Kaiser, CEO of Integrated Compliance Solutions, the “Seed to BankTM” partner for financial institutions, noted, “We’ve put together content that’s responsive to the questions we hear most often from our clients and others who are banking CRBs.  We’ve noticed that some other sources of content online are sometimes out-of-date or hard to work with, and our goal, in partnership with CBANC, is to help financial institutions safely and profitably bank this sector.”

Green Flower Media’s Gil Christie added, “Our contribution to this partnership is to help bankers acquire situational awareness on what’s going on in the cannabis industry at large.  Only by knowing the business of cannabis will bankers be able to decide whether, how and on what terms to bank it.”

CBANC membership is free to any employee of a US financial institution.  Bankers can claim their free account at

About Integrated Compliance Solutions

ICS is a financial technology, banking compliance and innovative payment solution provider helping financial institutions with complex solutions. Our experience in financial services and payments technology allows us to apply the heightened federal requirements to preferred providers that meet our strict requirements. The result: a competitive, complete, and stable set of services that complement merchant goals. As your SEED-TO-BANK™ compliance partner, ICS has simply been used by more banks, more marijuana-related businesses, and for longer than anyone of our competitors in the space. Our services are proven and well respected in the industry.

About Green Flower Media

Founded in 2014, Green Flower is the global leader in cannabis education and training to help professionals and enterprises succeed in the industry. From medical to patient care, to growing, extraction, compliance, legal, and so much more – Green Flower collaborates with the top cannabis minds in the world to create the best training, education tools, and content for those who need it most. Green Flower is the Authorized Training Provider for the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) – the cannabis health and safety organization –  whose mission is to protect public health, consumer safety & safeguard the environment by promoting integrity in the cannabis industry.

About CBANC:

CBANC is the largest professional network of US commercial banking institutions, the people that work for them and the vendors who serve them. We connect bank and credit union professionals, provide them with software to help them streamline their business, and give them access to screened vendors to help them make purchase decisions.

Our mission is to help especially smaller US financial institutions do more, be more efficient, and compete at a higher level, by leveraging the collective power of our network. Over fifty thousand members strong, CBANC’s membership represents over 8,600 financial institutions and over $22 trillion in assets. CBANC is based in Austin, Texas.