So fresh and so clean: CBANC Education gets a brand new look!

on by Monica Howeth, Education Specialist

Hi there, CBANC!

Monica here, and I am excited to share some BIG NEWS with you today.

After many months of hard work and listening to your feedback and input, we’re finally ready to unveil the all-new, all-awesome CBANC Education experience. If you’ve ever signed up for a CBANC webinar (or even if this is your first time hearing about it), you’ll appreciate these upgrades.

A few of the highlights:

  • Fully-integrated experience. Gone are the days when you’re taken to a remote, off-brand subdomain. Now, when you log into CBANC, you can quickly navigate to “Education” at the top of the page, and view the upcoming calendar of live events. You can also browse all our previous recordings inside the network, as more and more are being added daily.


  • Presentation materials will now be available for download directly from the event page (as soon as we have them from our speakers). You’ll receive an email notifying you when they’ve been added, and you can access at your convenience. PLUS, materials will remain on landing pages for on-demand events.


  • All of your past orders, in one place. Don’t remember which webinars you’ve purchased? Simply click on “My Orders” to see a list of all your previous purchases.


  • Webinars are tagged by topic. We’ve tagged each of our webinars by topic (e.g. “Compliance”, “BSA”, etc.)…just like you’re used to seeing next to discussions in the network.


  • Two viewing “plans” available. Get your training “a la carte” style, or get a subscription for everyone at your FI! The choice is yours.


Have you tried out the new webinar experience? What do you think so far? Let us know at—we always love to hear from our members!

Happy Viewing!

About CBANC:

We are the professional network for the banking industry, powering the largest online community of banks and credit unions in the world. Every business day, CBANC helps thousands of verified financial professionals and their institutions make more intelligent vendor decisions, navigate compliance challenges, and answer questions.

Our software leverages the network effects inherent in our community, enabling our members and the vendors that serve them to work together to solve problems. The results are more efficient operations, the ability to better serve customers, and an improved competitive position for our members and the US banking system.

About the Author:

Monica Howeth
Education Specialist