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High Risk Review Template.pdf

CBANC Member at a Bank ($719M|PA) on May 20, 2015

This is the form we currently use for quarterly reviews. We then have an excel spread sheet that separates the list into high risk category (MSB, PATM. etc), then each month we plot cash in, wires, and monetary instrument purchases. We recently started using Banker's Toolbox's BAM (AML automated monitoring) so, on the form, BAM Risk Points is the risk point total calculated by BAM.

Uploaded in response to: High Risk Monitoring List

Bus Onl Bkg instructions.pdf

CBANC Member at a Bank ($171M|IL) on May 14, 2015

These instructions are specific to Security Savings Bank and our use of the Bottomline Technologies business online banking system, and are procedure based. The info can provide a starting point for your development of your processes/procedures. I created these based on the recommendation of the ACH auditors.

Uploaded in response to: ACH Implementation Procedures to Onboard Orignators

CRA Policy-Generic.pdf

CBANC Member at a Bank ($334M|NC) on May 6, 2015

Attached is our CRA Policy. We are an intermediate-small bank with asset size of $324M