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Ohio Conceal Carry Laws published by the Ohio attorney general

CBANC Member at a Credit Union ($157.7M|OH) on November 24, 2015

Ohio has Concealed Carry Laws and "suggested language" for these. Attached is the current language regarding Conceal Carry Laws for the State of Ohio to clarify the inconsistencies in replies. Open Carry is legal within the State of Ohio. The signs have the force of law if placed conspicuously and with language similar to what is suggested.

*Caveat: Within this state, practically speaking, you can only ask a bank (customer) or credit union (member) to leave and disarm. Otherwise, they are subject to being liable to a civil cause of trespassing.

Uploaded in response to: Concealed gun / Open carry signage- Does your bank post signage regarding these items?

Board Calendar Timeline

CBANC Member at a Bank ($796M|TN) on November 20, 2015

This template lists charter, policies, reports and training that must be provided to the board on at least an annual basis and allows the user to plan when these required items are scheduled to go before the board (by month) and when they were actually reviewed by/presented to the board. A second tab lists board and management committees.

Uploaded in response to: Looking for a sample Board planning calendar for key corporate matters