COMPARISON - Original (3-22-2020) vs Revised (4-7-2020) Interagency Statement on Loan Modifications by Financial Institutions Working with Customers Affected by the Coronavirus.docx

VP at a bank ($391MUSA)

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Compare Revised Interagency Stmt on Loan Mods by FIs Working with Cust Affected by Coronavirus vs. Original

VP at a bank ($391MUSA)
For what it's worth, I converted the original and revised interagency statements to Microsoft Word and created a comparison document. Red underlined crossed out text was deleted from the original, blue underlined text was added and green text was moved from one part of the statement to another part of the statement. I did this quick and dirty, so let the buyer beware.

Edit: BTW, this document uses the "Track Changes" feature of Microsoft Word. If you can't see all of the changes, try turning on "show all changes." Go to the "Review" tab and select "Show All Changes." in the Track Changes section.