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When Third-Party Vendors Mean Quadruple the Risk

Employee at a Company (USA)
Good afternoon, Bankers. Today we are discussing the hidden risks behind fourth-party vendors. This post originally appeared on the [Ncontracts blog](https://ncontracts.com/articles/when-third-party-vendors-mean-quadruple-the-risk/). ![Risk Fourth Party Vendors](https://ncontracts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/risk-ahead-road-sign-900w.jpg "Risk Fourth Party Vendors") # When Third-Party Vendors Mean Quadruple the Risk *How fourth-party vendors may be costing your institution* Are you fully measuring risks and costs? If your vendors are outsourcing, you may be underestimating your exposure to fourth-party vendors... **READ THE FULL ARTICLE:** Download the attached PDF