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VP at a bank ($903MUSA)

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Draft Consumer Procedures for use to grant Pandemic Payment Deferral Requests.

VP at a bank ($903MUSA)
We have these at council for final review, but so many requests, thought I'd share in case helps anyone save from the mad scramble.  Besides the procedures, there are three forms, the first to post on the website or take down basics as a request the second the internal approval document, and the third a letter to confirm the deferral has been granted to the consumer.  This program is for 90 day deferments, but includes considerations for SCRA and FCRA too.  .I used someone else's forms and modified - so THANK YOU to whichever original poster provided any of what I worked from.   I will post again if significant changes from counsel, but meets the 3/22 Interagency Guidance.