IT Risk Assessment Spreadsheet Template

A 3-tabbed spreadsheet currently in use for documenting an IT Risk Assessment. Items in 19 categories are described and rated according to Priority/Severity and Likelihood and a line item "Risk Rating" is automatically computed. Includes a tab with definitions and a tab with summary counts suitable for sharing with committee or board of directors. Each item has a column for Remarks and then three columns to describe the Preventative, Detective and Corrective Mitigation(s) of that line item. Categories include Physical Security, Software & Hardware Development & Acquisition, Information Security, System Security, Contingency Planning, Core Processing, ACH, ATM/Debit Card, Internet Banking, Bill Pay, Check Imaging, Document Imaging, Report Archival, Telephone Banking, Telephone System, Deposit Origination, Loan Origination, Credit Card Processing, and Wire Transfer.

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