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BSA/AML Vendor Selection RFP

CBANC Member at a Bank with $5,300M in assets, located in the Southwest United States contributed on December 16, 2009

17 section, 214 question comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) for BSA/AML transaction surveillance/monitoring system. Successfully used in 2007 to determine vendor selection for BSA system replacement at a 5 billion commercial bank. RFP sections include:
• Vendor Information
• General Solution/KYC Features
• Customer Risk Assessment
• Behavioral Monitoring Capabilities
• Customer/Account Based Scenarios
• Alert Management Features
• Workflow Management Features
• Audit Capabilities
• Security Features
• Data Management
• Supported Platforms
• Implementation & Services
• Training & Education
• System Maintenance and Support
• Upgrades and New Releases
• Vendor Personnel
• Solution Pricing

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