BSA Compliance Training Bundle - 4 Part Bundle

June 10 2020 01:00 - 01:15 UTC

June 10 2020 01:20 - 01:30 UTC

June 10 2020 01:35 - 01:45 UTC

June 10 2020 01:50 - 01:59 UTC

When it comes to training under the Bank Secrecy Act, you have to ensure that it is completed bank-wide!

Part 1: BSA General (50 mins)
When it comes to training under the Bank Secrecy Act, you have to ensure that it is completed bank-wide, meaning that everyone from your customer-facing staff up to your Board needs to receive training. Training needs to be tailored to job responsibility as not all BSA responsibilities are created equal. There are also those areas where you need a general course – those for which none of the tailored training courses seem to make sense. That’s what this webinar is all about! We will provide you a sound BSA course of training that will provide a solid foundation from which to build upon at your institution or to hit those hard-to-reach training needs within your organization. Through this webinar, we will cover the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act and related statutes, talk through areas of common errors and set you up for success!

Part 2: BSA for Frontline Staff (42 mins)
Think errors, exceptions, weaknesses and violations fall at the BSA Officer's feet? Think again. If your BSA Officer is the goalie, it stands to reason that it can't be the goalie's fault if the issue got past the the defense, midfield and other words, your frontline. Your FRONT line is your FIRST line of defense. It is critical that your customer-facing staff are fully knowledgeable of their BSA responsibilities and know how to identify the red flags indicative of suspicious or unusual activity. Through this webinar, we will establish the BSA foundation from which your frontline should operate, discuss common errors that may occur through customer-centric activities and provide scenarios and triggering events that may indicate criminal or fraudulent activity that warrants reporting.

Part 3: BSA for Lending Staff (42 mins)
Money laundering risk to your institution is not limited to the frontline and or to cash transactions. Money laundering schemes can just as easily be conducted through lending activities and may be more difficult to readily identify. This webinar is designed to help lenders understand money laundering risks to your institution and arm them with the know-how to mitigate those risks.
We will discuss money laundering risk factors, including potential schemes that utilize lending activities to mask the source of funds and clean illicit funds for further use. We will also discuss risk mitigation strategies: CIP, CDD, Beneficial Ownership and Suspicious Activity Monitoring practices to help you identify potentially bad actors on the front-end, and ensure sound controls throughout your lending function. Don’t leave the tasks to the front line only; money laundering risk management is a bank-wide initiative!

Part 4: BSA for Seasoned Officers (53 mins)
You know the requirements. You know how to set up your program.
You're now either looking for ways to take your program to the next level, or to continue your education without compromising your minutes with refreshers on the basics. We completely get that. This webinar is designed for you. We will be covering the latest in regulatory guidance and examiner expectations, and talking through the higher risk issues facing our industry from a BSA/AML perspective. Forget the basics...this is BSA at the next level.

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