[Free] Lendwell….A Smarter Way To Lend

June 24 2020 16:00 - 16:30 UTC

The CBANC Network membership includes value added benefits, and as a member you now have the ability to access the newest addition! Lendwell (LW), is a web based platform designed to streamline the required lending settlement services needed to successfully close a loan. The ordering process takes place from one secure site accessible with your CBANC login. The LendWell platform creates efficiencies for the lender and allows for a much more enjoyable borrower experience.

Home Equity lending is thriving which is resulting in an ultra-competitive market. Creating efficiencies, expediting turn times and maintaining advantageous product cost are coming into play more than ever. By partnering with top settlement service vendors on the platform, LW is able to lessen the time it takes and the money it costs to process all types of real estate loans. LW currently empowers more than 200 community banks and credit unions on a national scale having an immediate impact on savings, improving the customer experience and the time it takes to process loans. If your Institution is facing challenges in your loan settlement process, LW can help!

In this half hour session, we will go over:

  • The current state of Home Equity lending
  • How LW helps mortgage loan operations reduce per-file handling time by up to two hours
  • How LW combines speed, quality, and convenience in a secure environment for faster loan closings leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Requires no up-front fees, and the technology is easy to navigate
  • How LW reduces settlement services costs by 15-20%
  • Have you reviewed your portfolio recently?
  • Do you insure your Home Equities?

Who Should Attend:
All CBANC Members, especially anyone in our Credit and Lending Special Interest Group

  • Lendwell
  • Loans
    • Home Equity
    • Real Estate

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