Nvendor - Vendor Management Software

Nvendor is a secure, feature-rich, online vendor and contract management solution that enables financial institutions to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance in their third-party vendor relationships.

Software-only vendor management products cannot cut it in today’s evolving financial landscape. Increasing industry regulations and compliance scrutiny mean financial institutions need more comprehensive support outside of software installation and user training.

Financial institutions that use Nvendor get much more than software. They also receive the benefit of leveraging our experienced team of legal, financial and technology experts who provide guidance regarding their overall risk management obligations.

The Ncontracts Vendor Management Team combines proven methodology, software, and more than two decades of legal, financial, contract, and compliance expertise to help financial industry clients assess, identify, automate contracts and reporting, and maintain critical vendor management areas.

Our Client Services Team provides personalized training on software dashboards and works to resolve any technical or account challenges clients may encounter.

These include:

  • Vendor Policy and procedures
  • Vendor Classification
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Monitoring