ATM Balance

Employee at a credit_union ($1.4BUSA)
We are looking for a way to automate our ATM balance process. Does anyone know of any vendors that offer a streamline process?

Policy reviews... who's responsbil

Employee at a bank ($210MUSA)
Of course the Board approves required policies, but who is in charge of reviewing them and making updates to submit to the board? Currently (in my new role as Compliance Officer) I am responsible for any of them that contain a regulation. 

Capital One lending

Employee at a bank ($300MUSA)
Good afternoon,
I'm new to BSA, so please forgive me if this is silly. I've noticed several large ACH credits going into customer accounts. I know Capital One does auto loans and cash advances, but these are for large amounts, one well over $100,000. I'm curious what these could be for, and worried that there may be either an error in our system or fraud. Any insight would be appreciated. 

Keeping Original Recorded Mortgages

VP at a bank ($497MUSA)
I am curious if other banks are still keeping the original recorded mortgage in addition to an electronic copy stored in a document imaging system  (the orig mortgage is placed in what our bank refers to as a thin file that is stored in the vault and houses the original note, mtg and a few other collateral doc) My research leads me to believe that an electronic copy suffices in most states when the loan is in default. Our portfolio is mostly Indiana properties.

Environmental Risk Policy

VP at a bank ($143MUSA)
To those of you who have an Environmental Risk Policy, how is it determined that a first-level investigation must be done?  Do you do it for all farm ground, residential real estate, commercial properties?  Or is it done above a certain dollar amount?  Is it left to the Loan Officer's discretion?  
Thanks for any help!