Account Application

AVP at a bank ($200MUSA)
Hello, Looking to see if anyone had an "existing" customer account application you're willing to share. Trying to see if it makes sense to just have the customer complete our full account application every time they open a new account or if we can get away with a condensed version and still meet the BSA/CIP requirements. .

HMDA Filing Platform

Employee at a credit_union ($1.5BUSA)
Is anyone having problems with the HMDA Filing Platform at When I try to access the portal, I get the attached message.

Online Account Opening Member Due Diligence Questionnaire

Employee at a credit_union ($409MUSA)
Hello! We are currently working with CU Direct to implement an Online Account Opening system for our credit union. Currently, as an in-branch account opening policy, our New Account Opening Representatives ask a series of questions to our new members as a part of our member due diligence program. These questions (also known as a Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Questionnaire) help to gauge the anticipated use of the new account. Anyone who has an Online Account Opening program, how do you ask these CDD questions to your new online members? We originally have planned to build them into a DocuSign form to have the member fill out; however, we worry that this will cause a negative member experience and possibly increase our abandonment rate due to the complex nature of the questions. Any input would be very much appreciated! Thank you, Kristen Taber eCommerce Experience Strategist Members First Credit Union

MSB Customer Fees

Employee at a bank ($425MUSA)
Hello all, Would anyone be willing to share how your financial institution assesses service charges/fees for Money Services Businesses (MSBs)? Do you have a separate fee structure for MSB accounts? Do you charge per type of MSB services offered, number of transactions, average balance, etc.? Or do you have a flat rate for all MSB customers per month? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Casino definition and Non-Bank Financial Institution

Employee at a bank ($1.6BUSA)
At one point, our bank researched the definition of casino to determine if a business is considered a NBFI if they only have video lottery and we found the answer to be No. We are questioning the logic again but cannot find anything concrete to define 'casino' in regards to NBFi status. Can anyone document the true definition of casino in relation to NBFI and advise if a business only has video lottery, does that make them a NBFI?

SAR Filing

Employee at a bank ($211MUSA)
We file SARs thru the BSA E-file website. My question is do any of you attach the supporting document to the file? Thanks in advance