CTR completion

Manager at a credit_union ($201MUSA)
When a deposit is made to an entity which box is checked for the person performing the transaction. They are also on the business account. The entity is 2c. Is the person conducting the transaction 2a or 2b?

Negotiable Instrument Certification Procedure

VP at a bank ($1.9BUSA)
Does anyone have any Negotiable Instrument Certification procedures that they can share. We currently have our internal audit department doing the certification but we are looking to have our branch do the daily, monthly or quarterly certification of them. thank you

HMDA lobby notice- 2018

SVP at a bank ($756MUSA)
Has anyone replaced their HMDA lobby notice with the new verbiage? Did you order it from a vendor? if yes, would you share the name/contact information. TIA

Loss Mitigation Procedures

Employee at a bank ($253MUSA)
What is the industry using for small bank Loss Mitigation procedures? My institutuion does not currently have any and looking to start from scratch. Do all small banks have loss mitigation procedures and what made you get procedures in place? Examiners? being proactive? Thanks in advance!

TRID Policy for new TRID requirements

Manager at a bank ($136MUSA)
We are trying to establish our policy for the new TRID requirements. Does anyone have a policy or sample they are willing to share? Also does anyone have an outline or procedures for training the lending personnel? Thanks.

Calculating DTI Procedures

VP at a bank ($983MUSA)
Is anyone willing to share their internal procedures for calculating DTI for taxable and non taxable income? Interested in if you required all loan officers to use the same method. For example, you get a pay stub from an applicant. Do you allow one weeks pay stub and then multiply it by 4 to get the monthly income or do you take the pay stub and multiply it by 52 weeks then divide by 12 to get the monthly income, or do you requier more than one weeks pay stub, etc.?