ESign (Docusign) - Does anyone have a list of loan and deposit documents where ESign is acceptable?

VP at a bank ($310MUSA)
We are in the process of implementing an ESign option, and I am pretty sure we can use Docusign for all of our deposit account opening documents.  But I am struggling on the loan side what documents we can utilize with Docusign.  We do a lot of commercial and ag lending (not much consumer), can we use Docusign with our commercial and ag loans?  Any information on this would be very helpful, thank you in advance!

Currency Transporter/Armored Car Services - Thillens

Manager at a bank ($1.4BUSA)
We recently switch vendors for buying and selling of cash from Brinks to Thillens (armored car services). Through research and discussions with other financial institutions and bank associations we are receiving conflicting information whether or not this company would qualify for exemption under the armored car ruling. Can someone please provide insight of what your institution's process is while utilizing this company's services for CTR requirements and/or what steps you took to determine whether this company would qualify under the exemption ruling? 

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GL Ticket Elimination

AVP at a bank ($4.2BUSA)
I am spearheading a GL Ticket Elimination Project and will going through the BTE route for most of the GL Ticket transactions. We are struggling with the elimination of the tickets that are paired with a check. How do banks process those types of transactions when a check is involved, whether it's for a loan payment, a CD payment, etc? 

How Do You Track Appraisal & Evaluation Orders?

Chief Credit Officer at a bank ($261MUSA)
We are attempting to centralize all of our Appraisal Ordering and Internally-prepared evaluations in one department. Does anyone have a good way to track incoming Evaluation Requests and outstanding appraisal orders? Software I've seen so far mainly only focuses on External Appraisal ordering, and my institution still does quite a bit of internal evaluations. Right now it's just put in the emailed request into an excel sheet, and there have been times where a request to order an appraisal was missed.


BSA/AML/OFAC Board Training

Employee at a bank ($271MUSA)
I struggle with BSA board training, but I have usually found something really good on CBANC.  I am now told I need to do something more fun, possibly a short video.  I have no idea how to do this.  If someone has some short video's that you can share (I don't know how I can change them for our bank) I would greatly appreciate your help.  I don't even know how to do a PowerPoint presentation.  Thank you in advance. 

Digital currency transactions

AVP at a bank ($1.1BUSA)
I am seeking opinions on the cryptocurrency space.  More and more transactions are being processed through customer accounts.    I understand not all customers that are dabbling in the crypto space using Coinbase and Robinhood are laundering money, however attempting to find the balance for monitoring.



Beneficial Owner when an IRA owns the company?!

Employee at a bank ($210MUSA)
Mr. Smith is opening a business account- Garnet Holdings- Garnet holdings is owned by an IRA account whose custodian is a Trust company. For beneficial owner purposes- do we only need info on Mr. Smith- the IRA owner? Does the trust company play a role for the control prong since they have 'control' of the IRA that owns Garnet holdings?