Online Account Opening Fraud

Manager at a bank ($1BUSA)

Curious if anyone that offers an online account opening service has seen any fraud come through for an online account client? Funding account with unavailable funds or writing checks with unavailable funds after account has been opened?

Please let me know if you have seen anything like this.

Thank you.

Online Account Opening

AVP at a bank ($1.7BUSA)

Does anyone have special procedures for accounts opened on line? We are growing in that area and at this time tag the account in our monitoring software. With many products moving to an online platform, I am looking for best practices and procedures, especially for those customers we may never physically see.

Mobile Deposit Endorsements

Employee at a bank ($40MUSA)
Any suggestions on how to handle Remote Deposit Checks with a check box and "Check here AFTER mobile or remote deposit"?  

Our policy is for customers to either include "for mobile deposit only" with their endorsement or check the box that usually states "check here for mobile deposit".

Overdraft Exam Question

VP at a bank ($1.8BUSA)
We are being challenged by examiners on assessing fees for debit card transactions.  The scenario centers around the pre-auth versus the posting.  

Example #1- client has $75 available in account and gets a pre auth at a merchant for $60.  That night a check clears the account for $30 leaving the balance at $45.  Day 2, the merchant transaction posts which now creates an overdraft in the account of -$15.  Yes, the client has Opted In for Reg E purposes.  Is this debit card transaction eligible to receive an overdraft fee? 

Example #2- Exact same as above, but at the time of the pre auth, the balance in the account was only $40, but there is an overdraft limit attached to the account that allows for the approval.  Same transactions post in the same manner and when the merchant charge posts, the account balance would be -$55.  Yes for Opted in again.  Can this debit card purchase be assessed an overdraft fee?   

Accounts for employees

Employee at a bank ($310MUSA)
We are considering offering special checking accounts to our employees.  

We are trying to decide whether to create a specific employee product type or to waive the monthly maintenance/service fees on an existing product type. I am curious to know how other institutions handle changes and disclosure requirements for employee accounts, specifically when an employee leaves the company.

For institutions that offer an employee product type, do you change the product type and re-disclose with a new TIS disclosure? If so, how do you decide which product type will be the new product type? If not, what is your process?

For institutions that waive the fees associated with an existing product type, where is it documented that upon termination the account will start to incur fees? 

If anyone has any documentation or other ideas that they would like to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Mortgage Servicing

Manager at a bank ($520MUSA)
My question concerns disclosing customers when a mortgage servicer is changed. In this scenario, my bank is purchasing some mortgages however the third party that currently services these loans will remain the party to continue servicing the loans after we purchase them. I understand the reg that governs disclosure requirements if the servicer is reassigned but the only thing different here is we will become the investor. In this scenario am I correct in thinking we are not required to disclose to the customers?


OLB login traffic

Employee at a credit_union ($5.5BUSA)
Does anyone know how to figure out why a large portion of OLB login traffic originates form Amazon IP addresses? is an example. (

The login traffic for each user looks very automated like an aggregation service, but is there a way to determine the actual source company?

Cashing a check for someone not present

Employee at a bank ($58MUSA)
Does anyone have a form for cashing a check for someone not present?  Here is the situation, I have a customer who writes their employee a check and that employee is always working during our business hours.  The employee signs the back of the check and sends it with someone along with his drivers license for us to cash it.  I have contacted the gentleman that wrote the check (our customer) and he said that it was okay for this woman to cash the employee's check from this point forward.  I am wanting this documented in case something comes up and us cash one and someone say something about it.  Thanks for any help!!