Model Risk Assessment Template

SVP at a bank ($1.8BUSA)
Good afternoon network members.  We are in the process of implementing a formal model risk management program pursuant to the FDIC’s Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management.  This is all new for me, so it’s been quite the learning experience.   I’ve got a policy drafted, now I need to go beyond that.  For those of you that are over $1 Billion in assets and have already gone down this road, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their respective bank’s template for risk assessing a model, as well as their template used to maintain a model inventory listing.  I realize that each bank will vary in terms of model use and complexity, but it will give me a starting point.  Thank you in advance.  Regards, Dit Breault

CRA Service

VP at a bank ($529MUSA)
An employee recently asked if a blood donation would be considered countable for CRA service credit.  I reviewed OCC's Fact Sheet, and I'm not sure if it would be considered a service essential to meeting community needs.

Centrix DTS

Manager at a credit_union ($1,000MUSA)
We recently rolled out Centrix DTS.  We have some remote users that are unable to get the dispute form to load and get a spinning icon.  Are there any remote Centrix DTS users who have experienced this problem while creating the dispute form? If so, were you able to get this corrected for the remote user?  Thank you.

Cash Checks for Loan Customers

Employee at a bank ($111MUSA)
Does your bank cash checks for loan customers only?

If the check gets returned to us for being fraudulent or insufficient funds, can we add the amount due to us from the check to the loan?  Our promissory note states that it will secure, "all present and future debts... even if this security agreement is not specifically referenced... or if the future debt is unrelated to or a different type than this debt."

Electronic Signature Policy

Manager at a bank ($499MUSA)
We are an Iowa Bank and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share your bank’s Electronic Signature Policy for loans. We would need to be able to accept Electronic Signatures on our Installment Loans, Real Estate Loans, Commercial Loans & Ag Loans. We are trying to get a policy in place so we can start utilizing our software on the lending side.