Mortgage Compliance

None of These Apply at a credit_union ($377MUSA)
Do any of you separate the mortgage compliance between the production side(assisting the MLO's, NMLS management,SafeAct training, yearly compliance trainings, prefund/post close, denial audits, re-certifications, reviewing new employees, updating policy/procedures) versus the mortgage servicing side? It is a lot for one person to keep up with non-stop. I have only been doing it for a little over a year now but I still feel like I am missing something or may not know some things I am suppose to be doing. I have been doing a lot of learning on my own and all the peers on this site are really helpful and I appreciate your downloads. I still need to tackle the Mortgage Servicing side though. Does anyone happen to have a run down of what all you should be doing as you monitor and make sure everything is being done on the Servicing side? Also there are always lots of compliance schools or training but I really just need to find one that is specifically mortgage only. If any of you know a great online or in person mortgage compliance school please let me know. Thanks for any advice or help.‚Äč

New Mortgage Servicing Rules

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Hey Cbanc family. I'm in panic mode as I just discovered there are some new mortgage servicing rules to be implemented October of this year. My main focus has been completely on HMDA. I've been in compliance and banking for a little over a year now and am still learning SO MUCH, so I don't really know what the old servicing rules are, much less the new. I've printed the ABA's Reference Guide for Mortgage Servicing, but have no idea where to go from here. Helllllllp please!

Managing of Policies/Procedures

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We are looking to revise our managing of our Policies and Procedures, and are looking to hear as to what (if any) software or third-party services others are using? We are looking for something that will be searchable, and house policies and procedures separately. If you are currently using a product or outsourcing it, we would appreciate it also if you would provide any pros/cons. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Reg GG - Unlawful Internet Gambling Certification

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We currently have a statement on our membership application/new account agreement that asks if a business engages in Internet gambling or knowingly accepts payments from another engaged in unlawful Internet gambling. That document is signed by the member/customer. We are wanting to move that information to our Business Due Diligence form that currently does not require a signature. Reg GG recommends collecting a certification regarding this issue, but does a certification generally require a signature? Do others have their members/customers sign due diligence questionnaires? We would also be interested in how others collect this information and the wording they use. Thank you!