Beneficial Ownership CALCULATOR

CEO at a Company (USA)
Good Morning! To assist you in calculating the ownership of your legal entity customer when drilling down into the ownership, we've created the attached **Beneficial Ownership Calculator**. Let us know if you have any questions and have a wonderful week!

MortgageBot Interface

SVP at a bank ($353MUSA)
For those of you who use MortgageBotLOS - Do you utilize the interface and did you use CMCC for this purpose? How did it improve efficiency? If you were previously inputting loans manually, how much time was saved in inputting loans to your core system by using the interface? I am trying to justify the cost of implementation of the interface to our Core System (FIS/IBS) and was hoping I could get some input from the Community. Thank you.

Beneficial Ownership

Manager at a bank ($321MUSA)
Curious now that a little time has passed and we are collecting Beneficial Ownership how are folks monitoring the collection of this information on the retail and on the loan side? Is the burden falling on the BSA department or on the operations departments?

Preparing to offer HSAs

SVP at a bank ($197MUSA)
We are currently preparing to offer HSAs. Can anyone share their current policy & procedures please? I am looking to offer a checking account & debit card (we are obtaining a separate BIN for the HSA card). Does anyone pay interest on the checking account & if so, do you offer a higher rate than your regular checking account product? Do you waive any of your normal fees/charges? If you offer a debit card, have you experienced any Reg E issues (fraud, opt in/out of overdrafts, etc.)? And what type of audits, reports & daily tasks do you perform with these accounts? Thanks in advance!


Employee at a credit_union ($267MUSA)
Hi there, We are curious how others are approaching this topic. We only have a handful of members located in the EU. Are other institutions looking at when their members/customers are traveling in the EU? - Couldn't this apply to those who are traveling? If we were to offer a service that would require the transmittal of personal identifying information to be transmitted from the EU to the US, would that not be subject to this regulation? Obviously a risk assessment is in order, but does anyone have best practices or policies/procedures in place?