Centrix DTS

VP at a bank ($2.7BUSA)
Anyone using Centrix DTS to track non Reg E disputes?  We are working on implementation now and are considering including disputes for paper checks and deposits.  Can anyone provide input on how that has worked for you? 

Compliance involvement

Employee at a credit_union ($91MUSA)
How involved is your compliance officer-department within management? Are you part of the management team? Are you kept in the conversation of changes, new products/services in the beginning stages, or are you informed at the end?  

HMDA reporting customer demogrphics free form

Manager at a bank ($363MUSA)
We have an application in which the customer for a home loan did not check any boxes in the collection section, but instead wrote in free form for Ethnicity and Race " Italian American",  so in completing the LAR do we leave leave the Ethnicity and Race sections unmarked and then type in a free form for the customers choice, or do we check for an in person application collected on basis of visual observation and then type in the customers choice in the free form section.?  Thank you.

PODs in Horizon

Manager at a bank ($590MUSA)
Can you explain the process your bank uses to set up and show PODs in Horizon? (we are on classic, moving towards XE in the future)

Do you create an RMS record for beneficiaries/PODs and tie them at the account level with a relationship code "beneficiary" or "POD"? 

I come from a Jack Henry bank where you can create the POD information and it populates on the signature card and it creates a record at account level that can be viewed (like an inquiry/hidden message) rather than tying the RMS (CIF) as a beneficiary relationship to the account. My concern is creating RMS records that appear to be customers that are missing CIP information. Or later on if they open an account a CSR misses that the RMS record was solely due to being a beneficiary and treats them as an existing customer for CIP purposes.

Also in horizon you can set "required fields," for CIP purposes TIN and DOB are currently turned off because we may be unable to get them on PODs. I am thinking this may lead to the New Customer CIP exceptions report missing true exceptions due to not being turned on.

Thank you!

Accounting Standards Update (ASC) No. 2014-09

Employee at a bank ($98MUSA)
We were sited by our auditors because our loan policy does not properly address how we account for gains on the sale of OREO in compliance with the above accounting standard.  I have read the information on this issue, but was hoping someone would share the verbiage they used to address this in their loan policy.   Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Fraudulent Mobile Deposits

COO at a bank ($203MUSA)
We are seeing a rise in fraudulent items being deposited via mobile deposit.  We review all items, give credit upon review (same day throughout the day), and place no holds.  Sometimes the customer is withdrawaling the funds and sometimes they are being directed to move the funds via P2P.  I'm curious what steps, outside of some looking at every single item, others have put into place to mitigate this risk.  Thanks in advance!

Funds Availability for Checks deposited at an on-site ATM

AVP at a bank ($394MUSA)
We are in the process of replacing all of our ATMs with ATMs that can image checks and cash. We are utulizing CheckAlt software for the review of each check... my question is how are others handling funds availability on check deposits done through the ATM? 

We have recently had a string of fraudulent checks deposited on a Friday evening, immediately on Saturday at 12:01 am, the first $200 of each check was made available, with the remaining funds becoming available Monday at 12am... by the time our employees pull the deposits and begin reviewing the checks, most of the funds are spent... this has resulted in several accounts each being overdrawn about $2,000...

Also, does anyone have a list of steps for employees to complete if they suspect fraud? (ex: review account, restrict debit card access, restrict account, etc.)