Die packs, with tear gas?

Manager at a credit_union ($117MUSA)
I was doing some research for Robbery training, and I came across a comment that suggested to use die packs with tear gas. Does anyone use this? If so who do you use as your vendor for this product?

Error Resolution - Debit Card

SVP at a bank ($63MUSA)
**Been awhile since I worked with error resolution. I had in my head the 10 day time frame for resolution or giving provisional credit, but upon further investigation, I realized that if a Debit Card is involved in the "problem" then the time frame for resolution or giving provisional credit goes down to 5 days (unless there are some other circumstances such as originated in a foreign location). Bur reading our policy, actually gets pretty confusing with the various time frames and extenuating circumstances. Does any only have a chart that lays out these time frames clearly? Of course then there is also Visa Zero liability. I know Visa changed the requirement from "grossly" negligent to just being negligent, and I believe we cannot charge the customer the $50 that Reg E allows. but what else is involved in Visa Zero liability?

Homeownership Counseling Notice

None of These Apply at a bank ($883MUSA)
Hello, We are going back and forth with a vendor on the requirement of the homeownership counseling notice to be provided for delinquent HELOCs (that are primary residences). I am searching Reg Z, but I can't find a reference for HELOCs and this notice. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also, are you folks providing this notice for your commercial loans that are secured by a primary residence as well? Thanks!

[Free Webinar] Cybersecurity Trends for 2018

EVP at a Company (USA)
Hi all, your wish is our command! We polled the network earlier this year to see which topics were of top concern. Cybersecurity was by far the top concern. We've listened and lined up a rockstar webinar that will discuss the top cybersecurity trends and concerns for 2018. It's FREE to attend and will be held on Dec 13th at 2pm EST. [LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE](https://www.cbancnetwork.com/education/webinars/view/5ddb2ffd-8753-4d83-8e34-204728b06251?utm_content=112017_CALTECHWEBINAR_CBANCPOST)

New IRA 5305 Form - HSAs and IRAs

SVP at a bank ($1.3BUSA)
With the release of the new Form 5305 just around the corner, I was wondering if banks are planning on mailing amendments to their customers that have HSAs and IRAs. Our forms provider is recommending that we do so, but we are unsure. The IRS has been silent on the subject (as far as I can tell). Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Charging for Float

SVP at a bank ($1BUSA)
Are you charging for float and how are you doing it? We are contemplating implementing a charge for float use and adding it to our account analysis system. Any input you have would be appreciated.