Fair Lending

None of These Apply at a bank ($273MUSA)
I am new to the internal audit role and it is on my audit schedule to perform a fair lending audit. Does anyone have some suggestions on what I should review during this audit? I am trying to teach myself, but definitely don't want to miss something. Thanks!

Non-Resident Aliens (NRA)

Manager at a credit_union ($1.1BUSA)
Good morning Does any have a procedure for ensuing they have a W8BEN completed for every NRA they would be willing to share? Specifically, 1. Procedures around completing a W8BEN? 2. A letter you send if a W8BEN needs to be obtained or if one needs to be updated? 3. Do you have a tracking program (manual or automatic) that lets you know when a W8BEN needs to be renewed? Thanks so much. Duane

Webinars through CorporateOne / ProBank

Employee at a bank ($293MUSA)
My colleague is considering attending a BSA webinar offered by CorporateOne / ProBank. Have any other FIs attended a ProBank webinar (on any topic), and did you find the training to be a good value? Thanks in advance for your feedback! Here is a link to the training session in question: http://www.corporateone.coop/News-Events/Events-Calendar/2017-BSA-AML-OFAC-live-and-on-demand-compliance-we.aspx


SVP at a bank ($42MUSA)
If a customer' depsoit account deos nto have any federal funds involved when a garnishment is received,does the Bank have to send himthe Notice answering questions about wht a garnishment is, what has happended to his account, accessing protected funds, wno garnished teh account etc?

Debit Card Limits - Number of POS allowed per day

VP at a bank ($656MUSA)
We are considering changing the number of point of sale transactions for our debit cad program. We are a small community bank with 6 branches and about 10,000 cardholders. Would anyone be willing to share the number of transactions allowed per day, per card for their debit card program?

Federal tax refunds on Visa cards

VP at a bank ($301MUSA)
We have non-customers that are coming in with Visa cards that are loaded with their federal tax refunds. Are we allowed to charge a fee for a cash advance on these items? We charge a fee to cash a tax refund check but haven't been charging a fee for any type of cash advance.

CRA Policy

Employee at a bank ($2.3BUSA)
Does anyone have a copy of their CRA Policy that they'd be willing to share? We do an annual policy review, but no changes have been made in probably the past 5 years, so just wanted to compare. Thanks!

Regulation E

Employee at a bank ($61MUSA)
Regulation E is for consumer purposes only and consequently, a consumer will sign the "Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit or Improper ACH Debit Activity" form for the bank to investigate the complaint. How does your bank handle non-consumer complaints of same activity? Do you have a form specific to non-consumers to complete for their complaints even though they are not covered by Regulation E? Curious as to what process other banks use concerning non-consumers. Thanks!