Looking for a new Debit Card Processor

VP at a bank ($95MUSA)
Our current core can talk to Fiserv, Shazam and FIS.  We are currently on the Fiserv System with the contract expiring August 31, 2021.  I am wondering if anyone you has converted from Fiserv to Shazam or Fiserv to FIS would provide me your thoughts.  Would you stay at Shazam or FIS or go back to Fiserv?  My core said they would be willing to develop an interface with another company provided we help fund the cost.  I have seen some people really like DCI on cbanc.  Are they any other companies I should look at?

Thank you.


Fiserv TransferNow solution

Person at a bank ($963MUSA)
Hi, We are in the process of implementing Fiserv's TransferNow solution and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share how their implementation went? Our biggest concern right now is allowing clients to pay their loan with us using an external account and possible posting issues. We currently offer 3 options when paying a loan at the bank though Online Banking, regular payment, principal only, and escrow only. With TransferNow the only payment option is a regular payment so the client experience will not be the same and a concern of ours is the clients intentions on how they want their payment applied. We are also concerned with reporting requirements with loans and the work load with having to reverse and reapply payments based on what the client intended. I am wondering, if you implemented TransferNow, did you decide to turn off loan payments? If you have loan payments turned on, have you run into any issues?

ATM Check deposit

Manager at a credit_union ($147MUSA)
Looking for help : does anyone out there have an ATM  that takes deposits (but due to location) the deposits are only collected weekly -if so can you let us  know how  you handle checks that are deposited -do you give immediate credit -do you place any type of hold until the checks are reviewed ?
stay safe

Counter Checks

SVP at a bank ($772MUSA)
I am interested to know does any FI provide counter checks for customers?  We do not have printer to print the account number for the customer.  We simply provide blank counter checks and the customer must write the account number on checks.

Destroying of Debit Cards

Employee at a bank ($212MUSA)
Our debit card procedures in short are; if someone turns in their card for fraud/worn/close account and request the bank to do away with the card; We log it and shred under dual control with both employees initials. Same for returned cards due to improper mailing address. Instant issue cards that are misprinted follow same procedures.  When a customer request a new card we have a form we fill out showing why the card is requested. Questions on this form are : is card worn? do you have possession of the card? date of loss or theft? place of loss of theft? time noticed missing and last authorized transaction. We then have the customer sign the form or employees sign saying the information was taken over the phone. We do this for both instant issue and mail order cards. This form is verified by a second party and scanned into the customer profile. What are other banks doing? As we grow with branches, we are wanting to keep in compliance while trying to ensure our "ways of doing things" aren't dated. I'm open to suggestions and look forward to reading your procedures. 

customer gave logon credentials to a fraudster - dispute

Employee at a bank ($2.3BUSA)
Today we had  customer involved in a romance scam.   He willingly gave her logon information, SS#, address, family information etc to the scammer over a 6 month period. It was brought to our attention today that the scammer has obtained a substantial amount of money.

My question is do we cover if a customer has given logon credentials to a fraudster?   Im not talking about a phone scam and someone pretending to be the bank or google etc.    If our customer openly gave his fraudster throughout the romance scam the logon wouldnt this make the fraudster an authorized user of the account and make our customer liable for the charges?

what does Reg-E state about this?