Employee at a bank ($712MUSA)
Where can I find the verbiage that allows banks to send the OCC further information/documents on SARs when formally requested of the bank in the form of a letter?

Title Company Approval Process

SVP at a bank ($849MUSA)
Does anyone review/approve title companies that are closing loans for their customers? For example, reviewing adequacy of E&O and/or cyber insurance coverage?

CRA Public File HMDA Info

Employee at a bank ($2.7BUSA)
As of 2018, we became non-reportable regarding HMDA (less than 25 reportable loans for two consecutive years).  We removed the signage from lobbies, etc., but is there a notice or anything that we are supposed to have in our CRA Public file regarding this?

Preparing TRID documents

Employee at a bank ($28BUSA)
Does anyone's LOS provide the LE automatically using the information input at application only? 

I am trying to determine if a lender or FI doing this see a lot of tolerance issues and or violations. 

Mobile Deposit Review

Manager at a bank ($191MUSA)
Does anybody have a checklist for Mobile Deposit items?  I am needing to create a checklist of things to watch for when reviewing deposited items prior to approving.  Also, are you keeping a daily log of deposited items?  We are a small community bank and usually have between 5-20 items deposited per day.  We review each item and choose to reject or accept each item.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Non-Performing Loan Servicing

VP at a credit_union ($1.1BUSA)
Good Afternoon All,

What software solution do you recommend for non-performing loan servicing in consideration of the following?

Queue Distribution
Repayment Plans
Skip Tracing
Vendor Interfaces
Charge-off & Recovery
Short Sale Negotiation
Deeds-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
Automobile Repossession
REO Management
Multiple investors including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

What do you like best about your solution? What do you wish could be improved?

Thanks much,

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CTRs and NAICS codes

Employee at a credit_union ($587MUSA)
We recently had a BSA audit at our credit union, and one comment the auditors made was that NAICS codes were not filled in. Even though it is not a a mandatory field, we were advised to fill them in.
From my understanding, the NAICS code is used in regard to businesses, not individual occupation. However, when you hover your cursor over the NAICS code field, the description of the field clearly states "Select the NAICS code that most closely matches the occupation entered in Item 9".

So my question is, should we select NAICS codes for business only? or individuals and businesses.