call center

COO at a bank ($447MUSA)
Does anyone utilize an outsourced call center? Looking for any potential vendor recommendations. If not, could you describe how your call center functions? Number of staff, hours, any additional tasks they work on in-between calls or if they stay very busy with calls?
  • AVP at a bank ($574MUSA)
    We do not - but I'm curious on your bank's plan.  We are about $600M in assets, soon to be $800 thru acquisition.  We have 4 people answering all of our main line calls now, with branches still getting their own 'local' calls.  The 4 people I mentioned also do many other jobs. We are working on a plan to eventually move to a 'fully mature' call center, but I am having trouble determining how to know when it is time to take that leap.  We consider a 'fully mature' call center to be one that is dedicated to customer support (few 'other' jobs) and to take ALL calls for the bank (remove the local branch line calls from the branches).
    Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!