IRS 4506T snafu

Employee at a bank ($677MUSA)
For lenders selling to FNMA, tax transcripts are part of their required QC so we routinely provide a 4506T, which is only good for 120 days, for signature with the early disclosures. We would order the transcript but go ahead with the closing anticipating receipt of the transcript to have for QC.

However, our vendor recently sent us the following:
Order Cancelled—This order had been sent to the IRS during the shutdown for COVID-19 and we have been waiting for processing. However, it has become apparent that the IRS “missed” or “deleted” thousands of orders that were waiting in their queue. Due to the unpredictable way that they are processing orders, there is no way to determine status on this order. We are cancelling the order WITHOUT CHARGE to you. THEREFORE, if you still need transcripts for this/these borrowers, you MUST place a NEW order(s). We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but this is beyond our control.

Curious how others are handling this. Are you going back to the borrowers for an updated form? Has anyone heard that FNMA has made an exception for transcripts ordered during the shutdown period?
I don't want to sweep this under the rug if it's going to come back on me later.