Covid-19 Family Travel

Manager at a credit_union ($88MUSA)
We have an employee who lives with her in-laws, they will be returning from the Philippines soon.  We are thinking that she will also need to be quarantined for 14 days since she lives in the same household.  How are other's handling this type of situation?  Do we have her self quarantine?  If so, is this covered under the 2 weeks sick leave we are giving each employee?  Any comments would be appreciated.
  • SVP at a bank ($139MUSA)
    On Guam, we will only ask for self quarantine if they have been or were already exposed to someone who has traveled. In this case, she has not yet been exposed. My suggestion would be to talk to her and see what measures she can take to isolate herself from her parents or vice versa. She will likely be perfectly fine, so asking a perfectly healthy employee who hasn't been exposed to stay home would really be a business decision. I assumed Hawaii was operating similarly to Guam where we are requiring COVID certificates upon arrival. If one is not available, we are requiring the returning resident to be quarantined "away" from their house for 14 days.