FNMA Appraisals For Cash Out

SVP at a bank ($222MUSA)
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all healthy.  Question on what people are doing for appraisals if its a cash out refinance which wasn't owned by Fannie.  Their guidance only referenced lightening up on appraisals if it was a purchase or a past Fannie loan.  Appraisers wont go in houses even if they were let in and Fannie isn't allowing a new loan to be sold to them with the drive by appraisal if it is a cash out...since the majority loans are now refinances this is somewhat of an issue especially if you took the application planning to sell to Fannie several weeks ago and now interior appraisals aren't happening.  Some loans may have been locked already with Fannie.  

Also, has anyone seen any guidance from Fannie on loans that you are delivering mandatory that may be delayed due to COVID.  

Thanks and stay healthy!