Flood policy language related to Notice of Servicers Identity

SVP at a bank ($812MUSA)
 we purchased a basic flood policy and are making it our own.  It has been suggested that we place this in the policy- but I have never heard of this requirement before.  I know how long it will take me to get a response from FEMA on if they know why or who we would notifiy

Have any of you'all added this to your policy???  I do not find it as a regulatory requirement.

Thank you.

Notice of Servicers Identity

It is the policy of the Bank in the event it makes, increases, extends, renews, sells, or transfers a loan secured by a building or mobile home located or to be located in a special flood hazard area, to notify the Director of FEMA (or the Director of FEMA's designee), in writing, of the identity of the[DF1]  servicer of the loan.  The Director of FEMA has designated the insurance provider to receive the Bank's notice of the servicer's identity.  This notice may be provided electronically if electronic transmission is satisfactory to the Director of FEMA's designee. 
 [DF1]Check this out- never heard of it.