Certificate of Compliance

Employee at a credit_union ($94MUSA)
We have been hit with the Unemployment scam by a member here in Northwest Indiana. They are getting deposits for a person that is not them nor on the account. We have reported to the Secret Service, and now they are requesting information about the member's account. Do I need to acquire a Certificate of Deposit to release this information?


Employee at a credit_union ($178MUSA)
Trying to find guidance on how to handle these 4 questions:
1. Can we turn away non-member/customers due to potential fraud concerns in processing these cards?
2. Any recourse if a fraud claim is made against our institution (can we be held liable). Or is Metabank responsible as the issuer of the card?
3. Are you able to conduct these transactions thru the drive thru?
4. Are you processing the card as a cash advance w/pin only?

thanks in advance!

Resuming Fees turned of due to COVID?

AVP at a bank ($3.4BUSA)
Like many banks and credit unions, we turned off varying fees to assist account holders - late fees, NSF fees, etc. I'd like to get an idea of what other banks are doing or planning for reinstating these types of fees -have you already, do you plan to soon, any metrics you're basing your decisions on? It seems to have some reputational risk to it, but we need to consider ourselves as well. All input welcome.

Instant Issue - Fiserv Premier Bank using non Fiserv Vendor

VP at a bank ($889MUSA)
We are looking at implementing Instant Issue Debit Cards and would like some feedback from banks using a non Fiserv vendor.  Or if you are using a Fiserv solution, how has your experience been?

- What vendor/solution do you offer?  Would you recommend this vendor?
- Does it integrate with Fiserv Premier/Fiserv EFT?  If not, what is your process when issuing cards?
- Do you offer personalized print options or use standard stock images and only print BIN, Name, Exp Date, CVV?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated related to Instant Issue implementation!  Thanks!

Prohibited Countries

Manager at a bank ($561MUSA)
Included in our BSA Exam questions is: Does the institution maintain a listing of prohibited countries, entities and invididuals published by Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Our Processor (Jack Henry) updates the SDN lists regularly and when I asked if that included the prohibited countries they said that they update and maintain the consolidated list. Can anyone tell me that that is sufficient or should I "attempt" to obtained the list the the OFAC website, which does not appear to be as simple as it sounds.  Thanks!