TOPIC: Acceptable Use

Non-Management taking Equipment Home

CIO at a credit_union ($428MUSA)
During the Pandemic we developed an essential employee list. Those individuals that were deemed essential was provided a laptop and appropriate credentials to work remotely. When return to normal, we have decided to allow them to keep their laptops as their main workstation and should this or any other virus rears its ugly head then they will be prepared to work remotely again. I now need to develop a policy indicating that non-management employees can use laptops and work remotely should the need arise. Does anyone have a policy that they are willing to share? 

    Secondary Market - Credit Bureau

    Employee at a bank ($181MUSA)

    If a bank's secondary market department is providing the permanent financing on an in-house construction loan here, is it allowed to use the credit bureau that is pulled by the secondary market or must it pull a separate one for its construction loan?

      CIP & Truncated SSNs!

      VP at a bank ($468MUSA)

      We are running into an issue where for CIP we have to verify the SSN due to the Risk Assessments saying for example, "Multiple SSNs listed for this name". We have listed documents to use for SSN verification if the applicant cannot produce their SSN Card- VA documents, SSA-1099 for example, however, these government issued documents have the SSN truncated. Are you seeing policies addressing this?

      Thank you

        State Specific Disclosure

        VP at a bank ($537MUSA)

        My institution has just recently changed our lending platform to Mortgage Bot and using DocMagic for the documentation. One document we have used, the Collateral Protection Insurance Notice, has the exact wording they we want but at the very bottom in small print it shows "ILCPIN.MSC". When we contacted a representative for DocMagic they said it was a Illinois document and that they would have to leave that print on if we wanted to use it. We are in West Virginia and lend in WV and Ohio. Would we be wrong in using this document. Thanks in advance

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            WEBSITE Policy

            SVP at a bank ($82MUSA)

            Anyone have a Website Policy they could share. I have some website checklist for reviewing our site and can probably use these to assisting with creating a policy (although I gather accessibility is the major thing auditors/examiners are looking for); I'm thinking I might need a bit more such as who can access - how and why; maybe something about website restrictions and guidelines, etc.