TOPIC: Cash Management

Cash Management Agreements

VP at a bank ($200MUSA)
We have an over abundance of agreements for our Cash Management products.   We have an eBusiness Agreement for all, then 2 ACH agreements, we have 6 separate agreements for Remote Deposit Capture.   I understand we should have a master agreement with Schedules for the various services the customer chooses.  Does anyone have  a sample I can review?   In addition, if you have any comments on Positive Pay, I would love to hear them.  What do you charge, is it in the analysis, are your customers willing to use the service?   We find our customers don't want to pay the $30/month and don't want to do the work of inputting the data.   Thank you for your help.

    Drawdown Wire Request

    SVP at a bank ($770MUSA)
    For the bank's that offer drawdown wire requests; do you have an agreement for originating the request (not for receiving the drawdown wire) and do you charge to originate the request? If you wouldn't mind sharing I'd be interested in the fee that you charge for the service.  Thanks.