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Free Webinar | CECL and Your ALM Model

Wednesday, October 9 | 3 p.m. EST/ 2 p.m. CST
Presenter: Rob Newberry

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As we get closer to implementation of CECL, we want as much information as we can get to help in understanding everything that should be considered in putting together our CECL models.
CECL is best thought of as part of a holistic view that focuses on Enterprise Risk Management and not just credit risk alone. It is no longer advisable to operate in silos as you might have done in the past when credit loss reserves were calculated by the Credit Officer for the institution, while Asset/Liability forecasts were in the domain of the CFO. With the need to look at a more forecasted approach to determine credit reserves, it makes sense to leverage some of the assumptions that have been used in the past for developing loan assumptions in your A/L models.

Join this free webinar to learn:
  • How CECL will impact ALM 
  • Effective capital planning and loan pricing processes
  • What the changing regulatory landscape is like
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    Free Webinar | Best Practices for Credit Analysts at Banks

    Monday, October 21
    2 p.m. EST/ 1 p.m. CST

    Current economic conditions seem to suggest that the next U.S economic downturn is on the horizon. With that in mind, it is becoming increasingly important to have the right credit policies and procedures in place to ensure your institution understands its customers and members throughout the lending process.

    Join this webinar session to learn common best practices for credit analysts when dealing with current and future market conditions.

    Join to Learn:  
    • Best practices for loan and financial statement analysis  
    • How to identify problem loans and the benefits of early detection 
    • Way to optimize deal flow 
    Presenter: Ancin Cooley, Principal, Synergy Bank Consulting

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      Equipment financing policy

      Manager at a bank ($1.1BUSA)
      We are looking at adjusting our equipment financing policy. Currently it’s a simple 60 month term/amortization and 80% advance rate. Does anyone do anything differently? Longer terms/amorts for new equipment? Does anyone use useful life as an amortization? If you have any suggestions or policies to share, it would be much appreciated!

        FastGrade Credit Analysis Software

        VP at a bank ($431MUSA)
        Good morning!  I'm curious if anyone uses FastGrade for their credit analysis.  The product has been used for approximately 5 years prior to my hire as the Credit Risk Officer.  I'm looking for users to see if you've experienced some of the same issues we are having.  If you're not using FastGrade would you please share what you are using as I'm also evaluating keeping what we have or changing.  Any feedback is appreciated!  Thanks!