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WEBINAR: Stress Testing and COVID-19

Do you know how #COVID19 is impacting your #portfolio? Do you know if you have enough #capital? How do you get answers during the middle of the #pandemic with rapidly changing economic conditions? Join us on Wednesday, July 29th at 9 a.m. PT to hear unique perspectives from a former CFO and a former COO on COVID-19 considerations for stress testing and changes in regulator expectations due to COVID-19. Register Today! 

    How to Manage Credit Risk in a Recession: A Series Examining Best Practices | Webinar Series

    Credit risk management is a cornerstone of community banking. How can your financial institution grow while also effectively managing the risk in the portfolio? Many bankers are asking this question right now, given that this could be their first recession in banking or because this recession is so different than previous ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In this 4-part webinar series, join credit risk experts as they walk through best practices for operating in this unique credit environment.

    Session topics are: 
    • Part 1: Credit Memo (7/22) 
      • How does an economic downturn alter the credit memo’s content and process?
      • What are the right questions to ask and how can those answers be factored into future recommendations?
    • Part 2: Loan Grading (7/29)
      • How should institutions tweak loan grading in the face of a recession?
      • How should specific sectors be treated?
    • Part 3: SBA 7(a) Lending (8/5)
      • How can this program be used to hedge credit risk?
      • What would an institution need in order to get going?
    • Part 4: Loan Pricing (8/12)
      • Should pricing vary by loan type?
      • How should strategies change during a recession?

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      Virtual Conference | ThinkBIG: Manage Risk. Drive Growth. | Sept. 22 - 23

      Registration is now open for our annual conference ThinkBIG: Manage Risk. Drive Growth. As we keep public health in mind, we've switched to a fully virtual format this year, bringing together industry thought leaders and experts, financial institution peers, CPAs, auditors, and regulators for two days of compelling educational content and networking.

      This conference will cover a variety of topics in CECL and portfolio risk, lending and credit risk, and ALM. Register today for the industry-leading conference that brings together over two decades of knowledge and experience (combining the former Sageworks Summit and MST National CECL Conference).

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      Sept. 22 - 23 

        Credit Card Incentive - Cross Sales

        Employee at a credit_union ($147MUSA)
        Hi all,

        We're currently reviewing our cross-sale incentives, specifically on our credit card. I'm looking for some insight to see what others are doing to incentivize your front line to cross-sell credit cards.
        Could you please share how your credit card incentive is set up?
        How often do you pay the incentive, bi-weekly, monthly etc.
        How much do you pay per approved application?

          Denial reasons for denied applications placed in the wrong channel

          Manager at a credit_union ($4.3BUSA)
          Hello! From time to time, we receive consumer loan applications that were meant to be business loan applications. These are self-serve applications through our website and selected the wrong product.

          The current process is to withdraw the application placed in error and for a new application to be started by the applicant with our business services team. The denial reason of "we do not offer the type of credit requested" seems to fit the situation. 

          Is 'withdrawn' acceptable for the original application in this situation or should we be using the denial reason above?

            Free Coronavirus Resource Page

            We know that regulatory obligations create unique challenges in the face of unprecedented times like this. We're here to help you sort through it all and stay on top of the rapid changes. Our coronavirus resource page provides up-to-date information and free resources designed to help financial institutions like yours.

            Visit the page to access free articles, blogs, webinars, and whitepapers that specifically address the issues and challenges you're facing right now with the coronavirus pandemic.

            Coronavirus Resource Page

              Coronavirus and CECL | Free Whitepaper

              Click here to download the whitepaper.

              The difficulty of containing the spread of the novel coronavirus (and the resulting disease, COVID-19) is putting pressure not only on human health but also on delicate global, social, and economic networks.  The nature and timing of this event presents an interesting, specific case to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the legacy and new accounting standards.

              Read to learn:
              • The potential economic impacts of the coronavirus
              • Comparisons of the accounting treatment for credit losses under legacy and current guidance
              • Estimation approaches for this or any other exigent circumstance
              Download now

                Business Lending Survey Results | Free Whitepaper

                We surveyed over 300 lenders, credit analysts, chief credit officers and chief risk officers, as well as other professionals involved in the lending and credit risk process at banks and credit unions to find out what challenges they currently face related to driving loan growth and managing credit risk.
                Many said they have processes that add costs, delay turnaround times, and lead to inconsistency in pricing and risk management, or worse yet, unhappy customers and staff.

                Download this whitepaper to:
                • Understand the risk appetite and portfolio strategies of other institutions
                • Learn where the largest roadblocks are throughout the commercial lending process
                • Compare loan turnaround times to other banks and credit unions
                • Discover ways to improve current institution processes

                  New online account opening Risk assessment (no docs)

                  Employee at a credit_union ($1.2BUSA)
                  We are looking into offering non documented Online account opening. The plan is for members to never have to come to the branch so we will not be requiring ID, and we will not be pulling credit. We will be using a vendor for ID verification so they will do a soft pull on the back end, but we will not have access to it and it will not have a credit score. We will get an ID score from the vendor. At this point the product does not include IP verification. 
                  I have several risk and compliance/cip questions but would like to know if anyone else has done an actual assessment or had issues when they rolled out a similar product. 

                    Free Webinar | Earn 1 CPE | Exit Price Estimation and Disclosure: Getting More Value from Your Calculations

                    Thursday, February 27, 2020
                    2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT

                    In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to make calculations using the fair value of assets with the exit price notion and prepare disclosures using common information stores, existing practices within the institution, and industry data. A time-consuming and tedious process that seemingly requires valuation expertise can be streamlined, and attribution of changes from period to period can provide useful internal intelligence.

                    Both CECL and fair value outputs contain “life of loan” credit loss estimates. Management and external auditors desire analogy and cohesion in both processes, and this session will walk through how to achieve this synergy. This webinar will be particularly useful to personnel in finance, accounting, and financial reporting, and is intended for public entities.

                    Join to learn:
                    • Why exit price calculations today aren’t as efficient as they could be
                    • Specific examples of calculations that save high-value time and reduce manual error
                    • How to align disclosure preparation to similar business activities (including acquisition valuation + CECL transition)
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                      HELOC - Customer Request Freeze

                      Employee at a bank ($935MUSA)
                      When the customer requests the credit line on the HELOC to be frozen, are any notifications required?  The request presented doesn't indicate for what period of time the advances should be restricted.  What is the best practice for this type of request?  HELOC is joint.
                      Thanks for your help!

                        Credit Counseling

                        Manager at a credit_union ($50MUSA)
                        Our Credit Union is going to start giving credit counseling now that a few of our employees just received their certificates. I was wondering how other credit unions go about their process. Do you have members that are interested fill out a questionnaire? and also do you have a procedure or guideline that you use for counseling?