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How to Manage Credit Risk in a Recession: A Series Examining Best Practices | Webinar Series

Credit risk management is a cornerstone of community banking. How can your financial institution grow while also effectively managing the risk in the portfolio? Many bankers are asking this question right now, given that this could be their first recession in banking or because this recession is so different than previous ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this 4-part webinar series, join credit risk experts as they walk through best practices for operating in this unique credit environment.

Session topics are: 
  • Part 1: Credit Memo (7/22) 
    • How does an economic downturn alter the credit memo’s content and process?
    • What are the right questions to ask and how can those answers be factored into future recommendations?
  • Part 2: Loan Grading (7/29)
    • How should institutions tweak loan grading in the face of a recession?
    • How should specific sectors be treated?
  • Part 3: SBA 7(a) Lending (8/5)
    • How can this program be used to hedge credit risk?
    • What would an institution need in order to get going?
  • Part 4: Loan Pricing (8/12)
    • Should pricing vary by loan type?
    • How should strategies change during a recession?

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    BSA Market Update – 5 Things You Need to Know in COVID-19 | Webinar

    Thursday, July 23, 2020
    2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT
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    In a rapidly changing financial environment, BSA professionals are facing new challenges and obstacles daily with little guidance on how to handle them. Join us for a free webinar featuring a panel of fraud experts and BSA/AML professionals to talk about how financial institutions are handling the challenges associated with COVID-19, the Paycheck Protection Program, and ongoing economic downturn.

    Join this session to learn:
    • How financial institutions across the country are handling the economic crisis
    • Adaptations to adjust to banking in a COVID-19 world
    • Expert opinions on the rest of 2020 and what it means for financial crime professionals
    • How to keep your community safe throughout uncertainty
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      FinCEN released long-awaited guidance for banking hemp-related businesses

      FinCEN released their much anticipated guidance around providing banking services to hemp-related businesses. This new guidance encourages financial institutions to provide banking services to hemp-related businesses and outlines BSA/AML expectations around customer due diligence (CDD) and suspicious activity reporting. This new guidance is the first to enhance the December 3, 2019 interagency statement on providing financial services to customers engaged in hemp-related businesses. 

      Read the full blog that breaks down the new guidance here.