FISERV Retirement Module

Employee at a bank ($394MUSA)
Looking for any banks that use Fiserv's Navigator System when loading IRA's in the Retirement Module. What do you do when adding a Beneficiary IRA that is set up on RMD? Right now we have to go in each year and update the age/Uniform Lifetime Table figure to make the RMD correct. Also, how is your bank structure set up regarding IRA reporting and monitoring? Is there someone in operations or do you have several people for this? We are a smaller bank (11 branches). Any advise would be much appreciated.

    Redeemed CD History

    AVP at a bank ($574MUSA)
    When CDs and IRAs redeem and are eventually purged off of Horizon, they don't appear to be creating a summary report of the history of life of the account.  In our old Jack Henry world, the  system would create a report showing the entire transaction appears Horizon can't do this...according to support (??)  How does your bank handle this?  How long do you keep the accounts on the core before purging?  Do you create CD/IRA statements? (We do not.)

      Escheatement of IRA's

      Manager at a bank ($654MUSA)
      Would like to know other banks procedures on escheatment of IRA's for customers that we receive return mail but they are not required to take an an RMD distribution.