TOPIC: Document Imaging

Document Management Solution

AVP at a credit_union ($96MUSA)

We starting to look for a Document Management solution, Imaging and workflow integrated, in compliance with security requirement.

We are a $100 million Credit Union. We been approach by a supplier with Canon Therefore solution.

Any recommendation is welcome and if someone is using Canon Therefore I would like comments about the experience.

Reinaldo Alvarez

    Scanning documents in KY

    SVP at a bank ($95MUSA)

    I am looking for procedures on scanning /imaging documents in KY. We are ready to start but want to know what documents banks continue to save original documents. We are CSI bank and will be using center doc. How long after scanning do bank retain the originals before shreding? Any help is appreciated. thanks

      FRB ACH Positive Pay

      AVP at a bank ($352MUSA)

      Would like to know if anyone out there is utilizing the FRB ACH Positive Pay system and would like to share their thoughts. . Also if they have implementation forms created they could share with us so that we can get our Customers setup on the system.