TOPIC: Document Imaging

Fiserv Unity Director Imaging and creating electronic file for loan review

SVP at a bank ($413MUSA)
We are going to have a  third party complete our loan review process and due to COVID-19, they would like to do the review remotely.  Note: Examiners have also started making these type of requests. 

Does someone have experience in creating an electronic loan file from Fiserv Unity Director Imaging, that would include CIF and Loan Documentation that should be what we used to provide in paper form?   I know that I can forward each individual document to the third party, but this would be a time consuming process.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.  I am also considering if we could allow the third party access to Unity Director Imaging remotely through a security group set-up for Auditors and Examiners, however, this has been used when the examiner has be at our offices and we have allowed access by providing them a station that they could log into and gain direct access like we do to Director imaging, with view only capability.