TOPIC: E-Statements


Manager at a bank ($488MUSA)
Does anyone have an esign disclosure that encompasses ALL documents that the customer may opt in to receive electronically or is it best practice have have separate esign disclosure for each of the products/services ie. statements/notices, deposit account disclosures, loan disclosures, treasury management services, beneficial owner docs, other deposit related docs etc.

Also looking for an eisgn policy. Does each dept. have their own or is it a Bank wide policy. How do you ensure every dept follows the policy if electronic docs are not centralized.

    Internet Banking Disclosure

    Employee at a credit_union ($94MUSA)
    I am going over our Internet Banking disclosure and it doesn't  mention that if you switch from E-Statements to paper statements, there is a monthly $3 Fee. Does that need to be in the disclosure? It does mention that if the member requests a paper version of a statement already electronically delivered there may be a fee, but nothing about switching from E-Statements to paper statements. This is the disclosure members have to agree to the first time they log into online banking.

      Consumer Mortgage Statements

      VP at a bank ($560MUSA)
      Does anyone utilize electronic statements for Mortgage statements?  Is there an issue with charging for a paper Mortgage Statement?  I can't find where it specifically states such, but worry more about perhaps a UDAP issue.  Love to hear from anyone who may have explored this.  

        Periodic Statements for HELOCs

        Employee at a credit_union ($313MUSA)
         Hi there,

        We are looking into making some changes with our statement provider and are hoping for some suggestions.  Also, we would like to revamp our HELOC statements and would like to get an idea for what other institutions are doing.  Does anyone have a template of a HELOC statement they would be willing to share?

        Help is appreciated. 

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