ERM certifications

Employee at a credit_union ($1.2BUSA)
I am looking at going to CUNA's ERM 3 day in person Certification school. However I did just find COSO has on online course, and since they are the standard all ERM is mostly based off I was wondering what class/certification would be better. 
What ERM cert do you have and have you found it helpful? Thank you 

    ERM Process List

    AVP at a bank ($2.1BUSA)
    We have 3 major pieces of our ERM program... a macro risk assessment, KRIs/KPIs, and business process level risk assessments. We use software for the business process level risk assessment (and we will probably end up using it for KRIs and KPIs). But our organization faces rapid change. We've historically done many acquisitions, and a very large one relatively recently. Almost all processes are changing. And once we get to a place where processes are adequate, I would not be surprised to see another acquisition. Looking at all processes is incredibly cumbersome and when we get through them, nothing is actually accurate because it's changing again. I want to generalize the processes or come up with another solution... Does anyone have a process list for a similar fast-paced, flexible organization? Or suggestions for how to approach this more efficiently?