TOPIC: Mergers and Acquisitions

Welcome Letter during acquisition

VP at a bank ($135MUSA)
Our bank is in the process of an acquisition and this is the first one I have participated in as the Compliance/BSA Officer, so any guidance or advice is much appreciated!  My first question is about a "welcome letter or cover letter" that I have seen referenced on this site many times under Mergers/Acquisitions.  Apparently this "letter" is used to cover much of the required disclosures and is sent 30 days prior to conversion.  We will be converting all of the accounts at the acquired institution to our current products.  The letter can highlight all the changes for the account types, schedule of fees, funds availability and Reg E disclosure.  Would anyone have a sample of what they provided to their customers during an acquisition they wouldn't mind sharing?   I am just wondering how to present this material without overwhelming the customer.  
Please don't hesitate to give any suggestions, as any information would be appreciated and I would be very grateful for the help.