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Blog: More Insight on the Remaining Life Method for CECL Estimates

On April 11, all of the financial institution regulatory agencies came together for an “Ask the Regulators” webinar, focusing on the Weighted Average Remaining Maturity (WARM) method for calculating a current expected credit loss (CECL) reserve. This method, also commonly known as the “remaining life method,” has picked up considerable momentum over the last few months as institutions have gotten farther along the path toward completing their adoption efforts.

In our latest blog, Chris Emery highlights a few takeaways from the information that was presented on the webinar, especially in key areas that previous materials may not have fully covered.

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    Looking for insight on Gro for Online Account Opening

    VP at a bank ($789MUSA)
    We are evaluating new online account opening because we are pretty dissatisfied with our Core. We talked with Gro, but I would like to hear from others on their experience. Any problems using Gro or with support since the Q2 acquisition? I am open to both banks and credit union insights! Thank you!

      2017 Credit Union Call Center & Benchmarking Survey

      The results are in from this year’s 2017 Credit Union Contact Center Benchmarking Survey conducted by Strategic Contact. Register to learn how your institution stacks up and what key trends will impact your strategy for the year ahead. Registrants will also receive a link to download the results of the survey following the webinar.

      Join Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, and Al Rosenbaum, EVP of Customer Success at SilverCloud Inc., as they discuss the impact of and insights behind this year’s results. Gain a better understanding of the current industry landscape, while learning how to improve your member service and respond to growing competition. In this webinar, we’ll focus on:

      • The tensions, drivers, and disconnects behind a strategy focused on member experience
      • The challenges of relying on training, coaching, and development to address issues of high call volume and attrition
      • Call center staffing issues, metrics, and technology usage trends and gaps
      • Current approaches to reducing workload and improving agent performance
      • & much more

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        Exclusive Webinar: How OnPoint Turned Its Website Into a Digital Branch

        Today, the CEO’s of most financial institutions are asking Marketing, IT, and eCommerce the same question: how can we drive more people to our website AND transform it into a digital branch?

        Join us for an exclusive webinar to learn how OnPoint Community Credit Union, a $4.9 billion financial institution in Portland, Oregon, did just that.

        We’ll discuss how OnPoint was able to get their website to deliver a better experience around support and product related questions, as well as large events like online banking conversions.

        You’ll gain key insights into:

        • How to get more people to your website
        • How to significantly increase the time on site
        • How to get more consumer self-service from your site
        • How to drive more leads to your branches, call centers, and specialists

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          Get a free sneak peek of what your banking policy, procedure, and product manuals should look like.

          Let us show you how to make your policy, procedure and product information easy to find and understand for branch and call center staff.

          Schedule Your Complimentary Content Assessment

          Your front-line staff is drowning in information. This is counterproductive — both for your customers or members waiting on hold and for your bottom line.

          SilverCloud can help you turn your product, policy and procedure manuals around so that they are a go-to resource for your customer service team.

          Here’s how to get a content assessment:

          • Let us know you’re interested and we will schedule a 20-minute call to go over your main challenges and pick the policy or procedure you want to focus on (i.e. opening a business account or an IRA).
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          • When it’s complete, we’ll deliver your newly architected content and discuss the results with you.

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            10 Questions to Ask About Your Bank/CU's Web Design Project

            Does your bank or credit union need a new website? If so, you may be wondering where to start or how to begin. This 16-page eBook will help you get your project rolling and assist you in determining the most important questions to consider when planning for the launch of your new website.

            In this eBook, we discuss what questions you should ask and why they are important. Questions include:

            • What are your objectives?
            • Does your website represent your brand?
            • What is your SEO strategy?
            • What is your conversion strategy?
            • How will website traffic be measured?
            • How will social media be integrated?
              ....And many more!

            Download the eBook here!

            Any questions we missed? Let us know! Comment below or email me at We're always looking to improve the resources we offer the Bank/CU community.