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EOS Scorecard for Compliance

Employee at a bank ($239MUSA)
For those of you whose bank utilizes the EOS Traction model for their meetings, what types of measurements are you using for you scorecard/measurables when it comes to your compliance department/compliance officer?  I don't want to just lob softballs for my measurables but compliance isn't always measured in numbers … any one use yes/no measurables? This one really has me stumped and would greatly appreciate any ideas or thoughts you have to share on it!


    Employee at a bank ($2.2BUSA)
    Good Morning, 
         Does anyone have any resources for Suspicious Activity Monitoring? We have a newer hire and we would like to offer a refresher course/back to basics on suspicious activity monitoring.  Any training material would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you. 

      Second-line Risk Testing / Risk Matrix Template

      AVP at a bank ($102MUSA)
      I am in the process of developing out the second-line of defense testing scripts for risk mgmt areas (deposits, BSA, Lending/Credit, finance, etc) and documenting the specific controls.  Is anyone willing to share their process, test scripts with what questions/items you review? Or a risk control matrix/template that outlines risks and controls common to the community banks.
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        BAM+ Outgoing Wires

        VP at a bank ($169MUSA)
        We are in the implementation process of BAM+ and seem to have an issue with formatting when uploading the outgoing wire file.  Is anyone using Compass Bank for outgoing wires that has or had an issue getting the information into BAM+?   If so, what had to be done to correct the issue?