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CB Major Services Report

Manager at a credit_union ($4.4BUSA)
Hi All,

Up until three years ago, I purchased a report twice a year that included the top FI's pricing information for both retail and business products. The report comes both in paper format and electronic. The report title I believe was CB Major Services Report (maybe CBB). Does this sound familiar o anyone? I am in need of this report again and am hoping someone can help me. I need their contact information so that I can purchase an updated report.

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      Fiserve DNA Customers- Inherited IRA's

      VP at a bank ($1.3BUSA)
      Hi any DNA folks out there that have some suggestions on making the Inherited IRA process better. I'm told that we must open a new plan for everyone that is a beneficiary even if they are not keeping the IRA here. That means we do a whole new plan, a death contribution and then a distribution because there is 'no other way ' to code the transactions in DNA. I'm hoping there are some DNA experts out there that maybe have a better way.  TIA Karen