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Trade Show Raffle Compliance

Employee at a bank ($148MUSA)
Our bank is looking to participate in a trade show event, where we will be doing a raffle for prizes (under $600). In order to participate in the raffle, we will have to collect personal information. What are the restrictions/limitations and how can we word it, so we can contact them via phone, text or email? Does anyone have a template of a raffle they have recently used?

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      MSB Security Deposit

      SVP at a bank ($3.3BUSA)
      Would like to get a poll as to what other banks may require to be on deposit when banking an MSB to cover possible chargebacks after or when a MSB relationship ends. We currently have several MSBs that we do not require any sort of deposit and are concerned that should we or the MSB close the relationship, how do we ensure we get covered for any possible chargebacks that may come after the accounts are all closed?


        International Wire Issues

        Question for the community. Does your FI process a decent amount of outbound and inbound foreign wires? If so, I wanted to get a feel for how often you deal with failed payments in the process and if those failed payments are creating customer service issues with your customers and/or taking up a ton of time to resolve. We're hearing SWIFT GPI is trying to resolve this but want to get a feel for how much of a pain point this is today and if it's even worth investing in something like GPI. Thanks! 

          Exporting HMDA data from ComplianceOne Mortgage to another software program for editing

          Manager at a bank ($1.9BUSA)
          We are needing guidance on how to export HMDA Data from ComplianceOne Mortgage and then import it into a seperate software like RATA or Trupoint for editing. Can anyone give us any guidance on if they currently do this?   When we contact ComplianceOne Lending they tell us we can export HMDA into a txt file, but only 25 records at a time and there is not an option within the lending program to export the data.      We currently have over 800 HMDA loans and we are looking to get a new software vendor to help us edit the data and run reports. etc.

          Thanks in advance for all the comments to follow.