TOPIC: Procedures

Bringing Mortgages in house

Manager at a credit_union ($141MUSA)
We previously used a 3rd party originator/underwriter for our Mortgage program and I am in the process of bringing it in house.  Was hoping that someone would be willing to share their mortgage origination process/procedures and also a job description for a Mortgage Originator/Underwriter. Also if anyone has insight on a starting salary for an originator that would be helpful.   Basically am building it from scratch so anything is helpful.

    Checking Accounts and Bankruptcy

    Manager at a bank ($3.3BUSA)
    Curious to know what other FI's are doing when they have a deficit balance or charged off DDA account and the customer files Bankruptcy?  We do stop collections if it has been reported.  However if the checking account has a negative balance what do you do?  Do you write the loss off and close the account? Do you charge it off and leave it open for deposits?  We are trying to fine tune our procedures and could use any guidance you may have.  Thanks!

    Also what if the deficit account or charged off account owner is deceased?  How are you processing those?

      Fiserv Fraud Guard

      VP at a bank ($307MUSA)
      Is anyone using Fiserv Fraud Guard? Is anyone willing to share their process when they come across a check fraud suspect and unable to reach the customer to confirm?  

      Any information is appreciated. 

      Thank you in advance.

        Reporting Account Abuse to Chexsystems

        Employee at a bank ($1.6BUSA)

        Do any of you have procedures/policies that provide guidance on when customers will be reported to Chexsystems? Are there differences when the account is negative due to the customer being a victim versus when they are the fraudster?  We are looking to see what other FIs have in place when reporting negative balances, charge-offs and account abuse.

        Thank you for the help!

          Data Input Review

          Chief Compliance Officer at a bank ($48MUSA)
          Working up written data input review procedures and will be conducting training for 4 new locations we recently acquired.  In a nutshell, any new accounts, loan builds or general maintenance conducted on the system requires a secondary review the following day but a team member other than the one conducting the maintenance.  I'm looking for 1) a strong, written purpose statement for these procedures and 2) any written procedures/training materials that are out there now.  Additionally, would love input regarding the effectiveness from those currently using a process like this.