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Refinance Applications

 Refi applications are up to record high levels based on the current rate adjustments as homeowners rush to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Workflow at a processing level has become overwhelming as the requests for both Refi’s and Home Equities has become extreme. 
CBANC, LendWell is here to assist in handling the work load. The LendWell consolidated platform can expedite your turn times by aggregating your current efforts. 
Satisfy your Valuation, Title, Flood, Closing & Recording needs in minutes from ONE secure site. 
Easy and quick implementation combined with user friendly technology make LendWell a WIN for your team! 
Please contact LendWell and allow us to make a difference in your process. 

    Lendwell Demo Video

     "In the last few weeks, you've likely heard about Lendwell, a mortgage settlement platform that offers multiple services in one convenient location. A common question that we have received is, "What does the process look like in Lendwell?”. 

    To answer that question, we've put together a short demo so that you can see how simple the ordering processing is with Lendwell. If you have any questions or if you're ready to try Lendwell for yourself, please reach out to us at We can get you set up today. 

      Customer Satisfaction in the Lending Process

      A high degree of customer satisfaction can be difficult in the lending process considering how long the process typically takes. Understanding what you can do to keep a customer satisfied can make a big impact on your FI in the future. What steps do you take to keep the customer informed throughout the lending process? Are there any steps are you taking to improve the process to increase customer satisfaction?

        True Costs of Processing a Loan File

        We all know that loan files can be costly. Whether it be the cost of working with a vendor or to get a report processed, we know those monetary costs can stack up. But what is the true cost of each loan file? How many hours do you spend inputting customer information or going back and forth with an appraiser? Most importantly, why is spending all that time justified, or are you seeking ways to cut down the true costs of a loan file? 

          Now available to watch on demand! [FREE] New CBANC Member Benefit: Lendwell

          Check out our new webinar! We discuss how Lendwell is currently helping hundreds of financial institutions and their lending teams save 2 hours per loan file by having a one-stop-shop for all settlement products and how we are able to deliver 20% immediate savings to your settlement costs. We also answer questions in real time and highlight some of our current institutions who use this platform today.

          Please feel free to message me directly to schedule a demo. 

            My takeaway from the California Mortgage Bankers Association's inaugural Mortgage Innovators Conference

            Attending the Mortgage Innovators Conference in San Diego this past week was a very interesting and an eye-opening experience. The conference, sponsored by the California Bankers Association, specifically gave insight on the latest efforts of leading Fintech companies in the mortgage industry to improve the process of making mortgage loans to their consumers. Expert speakers from these companies covered topics from using new software platforms to enhancements in technology that will move the industry into digital mortgages. The overall goal was how to streamline the business processes to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create a better consumer experience. 

            One particular hot topic that was highlighted was the increased use and dependency of social media in communicating with their customers and to market the different lending programs to potential borrowers. The emphasis on cell phone friendly applications was key to implementing consumer engagement strategies, account maintenance, service innovations, and new platform designs. 

            The incorporation of HousingWire to gather leading companies to attend and exhibit at the conference was very valuable since they analyze the most innovative technology companies in the U.S. housing economy. Several companies such as SimpleNexus, Blend, and BeSmartee were among the FinTech companies breaking new ground on making strides to move the processing of loans to a new era. 

            Bringing together industry leaders, technology decision-makers, and vendors to explore, learn, exchange best-in-class ideas, technology, solutions, and solve real problems was a perfect opportunity for lenders across the country to network with attendees to discuss challenges and opportunities ahead.  

            What news or emerging tech from this conference are you most interested in?

              CBANC Network Announces New TRID Compliant Calculator

              CBANC Network is pleased to announce the integration of LodeStar's fee quoting service into our Lendwell platform. A long-time Lendwell partner, LodeStar helps lenders save time and money by automating the closing cost quoting process. Their TRID complaint quotes are 100% guaranteed for accuracy and include transfer taxes, recording fees, and title costs. Both first mortgages and home equity loans are supported. The new Fee Calculator is now available through your Lendwell platform. LodeStar's online demo can be accessed by clicking on: For more information, contact Joe Walsh ( at 512-583-4576.

                How many different programs or services do you currently use in your Mortgage Loan or Heloc process? More than two?

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                 You should take a look at our partners at Lendwell. You could get everything from:
                •    Automated Valuation Models
                •    Closing Services
                •    Document Preparation
                •    Flood Determination
                •    Legal & Vesting Reporting
                •    Lien Protection
                •    Property Appraisals
                •    Property Condition Reports
                •    Property Reports
                •    Title Insurance

                      Get everything you need in one place.
                 See more about Lendwell and Download our attachment.

                     Originally Posted by Joe Walsh, Account Manager of CBANC on 29 Apr 2019 to CBANC FI Professionals Community.