TOPIC: Lendwell

Refinance Applications

 Refi applications are up to record high levels based on the current rate adjustments as homeowners rush to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Workflow at a processing level has become overwhelming as the requests for both Refi’s and Home Equities has become extreme. 
CBANC, LendWell is here to assist in handling the work load. The LendWell consolidated platform can expedite your turn times by aggregating your current efforts. 
Satisfy your Valuation, Title, Flood, Closing & Recording needs in minutes from ONE secure site. 
Easy and quick implementation combined with user friendly technology make LendWell a WIN for your team! 
Please contact LendWell and allow us to make a difference in your process. 

    Lendwell Demo Video

     "In the last few weeks, you've likely heard about Lendwell, a mortgage settlement platform that offers multiple services in one convenient location. A common question that we have received is, "What does the process look like in Lendwell?”. 

    To answer that question, we've put together a short demo so that you can see how simple the ordering processing is with Lendwell. If you have any questions or if you're ready to try Lendwell for yourself, please reach out to us at We can get you set up today. 

      Customer Satisfaction in the Lending Process

      A high degree of customer satisfaction can be difficult in the lending process considering how long the process typically takes. Understanding what you can do to keep a customer satisfied can make a big impact on your FI in the future. What steps do you take to keep the customer informed throughout the lending process? Are there any steps are you taking to improve the process to increase customer satisfaction?