Whitepaper: CECL Survey - Where are financial institutions?

Abrigo CECL Survey - Results show progress, some laggards

For the third year in a row, Abrigo (formerly Farin, MST, Sageworks, and Bankers Toolbox) surveyed 125 individuals at a wide range of financial institutions to gauge CECL preparedness. The 2019 survey shows that as the Q1 2020 compliance date looms for SEC registrants, institutions of all types are making progress – but not enough, according to CECL experts. Nearly half of survey participants (and a majority of SEC filers) have already collected and validated data. This is important, because collecting and validating data for the loan loss calculation is typically one of the more significant bottlenecks and challenges in CECL implementation.

“The clock is ticking,” said Regan Camp, Senior Director of Advisory Services at Abrigo, (formerly Farin, MST, Sageworks, and Banker’s Toolbox). “While many financial institutions are taking the necessary steps to make sure they are prepared for this important change in accounting for credit losses, it’s clear that others are falling behind their peers.”

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    How are you filling your data gaps to calculate CECL? While a bank’s own data is always best, many banks don’t seem to have extensive historical data and in some cases, minimal losses. It is possible to fill in the gaps from external sources — as long as the data is carefully sourced and aligns well with your portfolio. We share some of our insights in this white paper: I’d also be glad to talk to you about what we’ve done.

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