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7 Ways to Make Your Next Meeting More Strategic

Good morning, Bankers! Today we are discussing how to host meetings that are more strategic and laser-focused on accomplishing your goals. This post was originally published on the Ncontracts blog

From quick stand-ups that provide operational updates to full-day retreats for planning major initiatives, there’s no shortage of meetings in today’s world. Our days are packed with gatherings and video conferences designed to accomplish some goal or other. Read on for seven ways to make your next meeting more strategic...

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    ACH Origination Agreement and Education

    Manager at a bank ($1.1BUSA)
    Hello everyone,

    We are hoping to gain some insight into ACH origination agreement language and how financial institutions notify originators of rule changes. Do you reference in your origination agreement that you will notify originators of any Rules changes? If so, what does your notification system look like?

    Thank you!

      Collecting Customer Information

      Employee at a bank ($76MUSA)
      Has anyone had a quick form(1/4 of a sheet of paper) you give your customers to fill out with their contact information (phone number, email address, address)? Then also included a section for them to select products they want more information on? We are hoping to have a form that we can have the customer fill out 1 to help make sure we have the most up to date information for the customer, and 2 try using this to know what products customers are interest in.  Please let me know if this is something your bank has done. 

        Prescreen - Firm offer ad on social media?

        Employee at a bank ($33.2BUSA)
        Does anyone send prescreen loan offers to consumers via Facebook or other social media platforms? Equifax is offering this service but cannot provide the names of any FI's who currently do this.  They use the email address associated with the credit file to match the prescreen list.