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Email Marketing Service

Employee at a bank ($384MUSA)
Our bank would like to start utilizing mass email marketing. We have avoided this in the past for many reasons. However with the recent pandemic causing our lobbies to close, we now have a much greater need to communicate and market through email. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for email marketing service providers? Examples would be Mail Chimp, Constant contact etc. Would you be willing to share your good and bad experiences? 

    How to Optimize Your Digital Banking Experience for the New Normal

    The Coronavirus crisis has forced the banking world to compress years change into weeks. As we adjust to the realities of the new normal and fewer face-to-face in-branch interactions, credit unions must now deliver an excellent member experience, digitally. 
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      Loan Promotion

      Employee at a bank ($360MUSA)
      If we want to run a promotion on a lower origination fee for a certain time frame we can do that with no disclosure right? Also, if we advertise this, by saying something like "From now until May 1, 2020 we are offering a lower origination fee of $XXX if you apply before that date", will that trigger any additional disclosures on the ad and what would those be? 

      Oh and it would state that the origination fee would go back to the standard price of $XXX at the end of the promotion. 


        VP at a bank ($211MUSA)
        Looking for guidance on giveaways.  Surprisingly, we have discovered some lenders ordered logo-wear to gift to customers.  Pricier than our usual giveaways.  Looking for guidance on dollar limits, 1099 requirements, and any other considerations.  I believe existing commercial/ag customers only.  But not sure.  Playing catch up on this one.  Thanks!

          Refer-a-Friend & Earn Cash Bonus

          Employee at a credit_union ($598MUSA)
          Does anyone know if there is a law or regulation I can refer to that talks would prohibit employees from participating in a new account (refer-a-friend type) promotion for customers? I know these types of programs are common, and all that I have looked at say in the small print employee/associates are not eligible for referral program; however, I was having trouble pinpointing a rule against it. 

            Proposed Email Blast to CPA's and Lawyers - Deposit and Loan Rates

            SVP at a bank ($395MUSA)
            Commentary – Truth-in-Lending – Regulation Z 1026.2(a)(2).The advertising rules do not apply on business to business communications.  While the Commentary tells us, “ informational material, for example, interest rate and loan term memos, distributed only to business entities” are not advertisements.

            We are looking at sending an email blast to CPA's and Attorney's in a new market area who have requested updates on our loan and deposit rates. I would include, in the subject line and in the body of the email, For Internal Use Only - Do Not Distribute - Not Intended for Consumer Distribution.Reg Z addresses this in the commentary above.  I also reinforced  to our marketing staff  and bank associates, if you know the information will be given out to consumers,  we must include the required advertising disclosures.

            What about advertisement for deposits? Would full disclosure have to be emailed for deposit rates?