TOPIC: Business Continuity

Free December Webinar! Tracking Exam and Audit Findings

Employee at a Company (USA)

You are invited to our December webinar discussing best practices for tracking and avoiding exam and audit findings. Register for free today! If you are not able to make it to the live event, the recording will be available for download afterwards.

Standard compliance protocols are set to ensure that processes are followed by management and employees, internal audit, external audit, and government review. In spite of those checks and balances, examiners and auditors uncover deficiencies in your processes, and it falls to your team to resolve them. These issues can be the proverbial ‘hot potato’ on who takes the necessary action on the findings. It’s common for the findings to revolve around third-party risk, business continuity issues, and compliance areas. This webinar will address:

  • The dangers of only using Excel spreadsheets to manage findings
  • Best practices for policies and procedures to avoid findings in the first place
  • How to track to guarantee complete remediation of findings
  • The benefits of testing your remediation to ensure changes take effect
  • Best practices of vendor management, business continuity planning, and compliance to help your financial institution avoid findings

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    CBANC Premium - Workspace Tips

    Manager at a Company (USA)

    Here is a quick tutorial on how to add users to your CBANC Premium Workspace application. Workspace is a central source of truth for your policies, procedures, and other important documents. It also includes 25 policy & procedure checklists, updated by experts as regulations change, to help your team hit the ground running. Workspace is great for collaborating with your board of directors, impressing your examiners, and streamlining policy and procedure management. Works great on iPads without the need to download additional software and has bank-level security built in.