2019 CECL Survey - Chance to win a $300 Yeti cooler!

Each year MST, now Abrigo, has been implementing an allowance survey. This year we’re asking about your progress in the CECL transition, how you are preparing and what you are determining in terms of how CECL will impact your institution. As always, we’ll compile answers and share the results so you can compare what you are doing with your peers. We encourage you to participate. As a token of our appreciation, you will have the chance to win a $300 Yeti cooler or a Bluetooth speaker.

We wish you a productive and profitable 2019!

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    Having trouble keeping up with all these CECL updates?

    CECL is in the news a LOT now that we're less than a year out from the transition. Robert Ashbaugh and Chris Emery are making sure your financial institution understands all of the recent changes and the ways that those changes and proposals might affect your institution's CECL implementation. Tune in for our free webinar in two weeks -- get registered here:


      Is This Partnership a Right Fit? More than 50 Banks Found Out Firsthand.

      In January, 56 community banks from 20 states joined Bankers Healthcare Group for a behind-the-curtain experience at our Informational Regional Seminar in Nashville, Tenn.

      Our 75 attendees heard from BHG’s Founder/Chairman/CEO Al Crawford and c-suite leadership team in finance, credit, underwriting, compliance, marketing, sales, and analytics. This was a great opportunity for them to learn about our business model, commercial medical loan program and financial strength, and uncover new revenue opportunities for their banks.

      We had a great mix of prospective customers and current customers from some of BHG’s 940 bank partners, which gave everyone a chance to network and learn. Prospective customers love to hear about the experiences of current customers, while current customers appreciate the business and product updates, as well as the opportunity to connect with key BHG contacts.

      Our seminars are a great way to get to know BHG—and we hold them throughout the year, across the country. If you’d like to attend an upcoming seminar, please email or call 877-731-6562 to get the details!

      About BHG: Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG) is the leading provider of financial solutions for licensed healthcare professionals. The company originates, underwrites and funds medical and professional loans before selling them to local banks nationwide.

      To date, BHG has underwritten nearly $15 billion in commercial loan requests with an average size of $100,000, providing a network of more than 940 U.S. community banks a source for premium loans, portfolio diversification, and competitive yields without overhead costs traditionally associated with this quality borrower. Banks purchase BHG loans through a secure, online system that allows for daily sale and delivery of loans. This has been a highly effective channel for a bank to quickly approve and purchase loans according to their underwriting standards. BHG’s 2018 sales distribution has averaged $4 million per day and new loans are posted daily.

      Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc., and its subsidiary Pinnacle Bank hold a 49% total interest in BHG.

        Last Week to Register for COMPLIMENTARY Executive Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, 2/5

        Person at a Company (USA)

        There’s no question about it: Data and Digitization are key to your financial institution's future success.

        If your institution is not developing a plan to adapt and meet consumer demands in this increasingly digital world, you risk ceding your position to other financial institutions and non-bank competitors alike.

        Attend the Velocity Solutions Executive Summit on February 5, 2019FREE to financial institution executives*—to learn proven strategies that will help move your credit union into the digital revolution by harnessing the power of big data, digital solutions and automation.

        Delivered in one power-packed day and led by seasoned presenters with decades of experience, Executive Summit topics include:

        • Digital Banking Strategies and the Regulatory Landscape
        • Leveraging Data & Digitization to Build Revenue & Relationships
        • Digital & Dynamic Data-Driven Overdraft Management
        • Big Data Profits through a Unified Platform Approach
        • The Power and Profitability of Digital Lending
        • Digital & Social Strategies for Account Acquisition

        *Includes the one-day seminar, one hotel night, your roundtrip airfare and event-related meals.

        Click here to see the agenda:

        Space is limited. Click here to register:

        Click here to see what past attendees say about the Velocity Executive Summits! (video)

        Can’t attend the February 5 Executive Summit? Click here to see more 2019 sessions:


          Educational Seminar in Nashville, 2019

          See why more than 925 of your peers have purchased loans from Bankers Healthcare Group, at the upcoming Nashville Info Seminar.

          • Engaging seminar - Hear from the Founder/CEO and the c-suite leadership team in finance, credit, regulatory, marketing, sales and analytics.
          • Understand the 5 convenient, hassle-free methods to purchase loans.
          • Discover additional revenue opportunities for your bank:
            • Consumer loans to licensed medical and other professionals
            • Patient lending – connecting community banks to hospitals and surgery centers
          • Network with key BHG personnel and other community banks from around the US.

          Email us at or call 866-461-5069 to find out the details!

          "The BHG Info Seminar was an excellent experience. We are new to BHG, having just purchased our first loan last month. It’s was a valuable experience to have the company’s staff answer your questions and talk to other banks who have experience with BHG. I was able to learn how they manage their portfolio and loan terms. The event was first-class, all the way. I came away very impressed with BHG." – Minnesota Bank President

          About BHG: Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG) is a well-established, direct lender that has a commercial loan program specifically tailored to the business needs of licensed healthcare and other professionals. BHG has provided over $4 billion of these originated, underwritten and funded loans to 925+ community banks throughout the US since 2001.

            Using CECL Data to Drive Innovative 2019 Strategy?

            What information will your management team use to make 2019 strategic plans? What about your CECL data?

            Analyzing your CECL data can give you granular insight to guide a more thoughtful, innovative strategic plan. With a deeper understanding of long-term trends within your institution this data can help to identify products to promote or discontinue, assess validity of long-term goals, evaluate pricing structures and so much more.

            To learn more, read this article by PCBB's Melinda Davis on driving business through innovative insights.

              Webinar: Interpreting CECL Modeling Results

              For those who are currently building out their CECL models, did your results not match your expectations? Are you confused on what to do next?

              Join us on Monday, December 10th from 1:30-2:30 p.m. ET. for an interactive walkthrough of common modeling problems and questions. Common questions include:

              • What happens if I don’t have enough loan-level historical data?
              • What do I do if my results are zero?
              • Are there shortcuts for anticipating when certain approaches won’t work before building models to test?

              Sageworks risk management consultants Brandon Quinones and Danny Sharman will answer these questions and discuss how results can be interpreted and pivoted to other approaches that may provide more transparent outcomes.

              Register now:


                Whitepaper: CECL amortized cost basis considerations and applications

                The Current and Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standard, ASU 2016-13 (Topic 326), outlines that the allowance for credit losses should be a valuation account deducted from the amortized cost basis of financial assets. Amortized cost basis includes, but is not limited to, adjustments for accrued interest, unamortized premium and discounts, and net deferred fees or costs. Entities valuation techniques should present the net amount expected to be collected on the financial asset.

                This complimentary document is intended to cover amortized cost basis application, specific guidance, and conceptual soundness under the context of ASU 2016-13 (Topic 326).

                Access here:


                  CBANC Premium - Workspace Tips

                  Here is a quick tutorial on how to add users to your CBANC Premium Workspace application. Workspace is a central source of truth for your policies, procedures, and other important documents. It also includes 25 policy & procedure checklists, updated by experts as regulations change, to help your team hit the ground running. Workspace is great for collaborating with your board of directors, impressing your examiners, and streamlining policy and procedure management. Works great on iPads without the need to download additional software and has bank-level security built in.

                    Complimentary Webinar: Qualitative Adjustments and Forecasts Under the CECL Model

                    As institutions approach the transition from the incurred loss model to the current expected credit loss model for estimating the ALLL, there are many questions around the subjective aspects of the new standard. This session will look at the relationship between qualitative adjustments and “reasonable and supportable” forecasts under CECL estimates and key considerations for how institutions will apply them.

                    Join to learn about:

                    • Key differences between qualitative adjustments and “reasonable and supportable” forecasts and the role each will play in estimating the allowance under CECL.
                    • How qualitative adjustments are used in estimating today’s allowance and how this might change under CECL
                    • Different approaches to apply forecasts within CECL calculations.
                    • Sourcing and documentation of forecasts and data for supporting qualitative adjustments.

                    Register now >>


                      Last chance to register: CECL webinar panel TODAY!

                      Time: 10/10 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET
                      Worth one CPE credit

                      The transition to the FASB’s CECL accounting standard is well underway for many financial institutions. In this panel discussion, hear from a banker, three auditors and two consultants from Sageworks, MST, Grant Thornton, BKD, Camden National Bank and PWC who are helping thousands of institutions through this critical change.

                      They’ll discuss how CECL has influenced everything — implementation, validation, organizational changes and more, while addressing your top concerns and questions.

                      Register now:

                        1 day left: Learn automated methodology calculations, loan segmentation and more

                        As CECL is approaching, financial institutions are evaluating vendors to help them automate their allowance processes. From methodology selection, economic forecasting and proper loan pool segmentation, manual calculations will be more difficult to implement under CECL as credit losses need to be predicted over the life of the loan.

                        Join to learn:

                        • Best practices that every institution can apply during their CECL preparation process
                        • The importance of choosing the right methodology from data on-hand
                        • How to optimize loan pool segmentation and economic forecasting
                        • Ways the Sageworks ALLL software solution creates a seamless CECL transition

                        Register now:

                          Complimentary CECL Practical Transition Guide

                          CECL presents institutions with new guidance for measurement of the ALLL. While initially daunting, the transition exercise is, fundamentally, a project management problem; there exists a specific set of activities that, if performed correctly and thoughtfully, will reduce a compliant and defensible estimate of credit losses over the life of a financial asset or pool of financial assets.

                          The documentation of that set of activities is the purpose of this Practical CECL™ Transition Guide: a series of 9 whitepapers to better assist with your transition.

                          Download now:

                            Learn how to unlock actionable risk insights

                            Complimentary Group Demo: September 20th, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET

                            In August, Sageworks launched one of their newest products, “Insights”, to help leaders leverage loan portfolio data in new and meaningful ways. Lack of and limited access to bank-wide data, accompanied by time-consuming analysis, can hurt leadership’s ability to make well-informed, timely decisions. In this complimentary group demonstration, we aim to show how our newest offering can help bridge that gap.

                            Join to learn:

                            • How to perform simulations of the loan portfolio in order to inform financial statement impact for budgeting purposes
                            • How Insights can help as part of Dodd Frank Act Stress Test preparation (or stress testing under CECL, more broadly)
                            • How to set up scenarios to view how the portfolio would respond with various assumptions
                            • Using the Acquisition Analyzer as part of potential acquisition due diligence
                            • How Segment Insights can be leveraged for board & concentration reporting
                            • Potential Roadmap for continued development

                            Learn more: