TOPIC: New Accounts

CSI NuPoint Exception Tracking

Employee at a bank ($200MUSA)
We recently converted to NuPoint and are looking to use the Exception Tracker on the deposit side for when information/documentation is missing on new/updated accounts. Does anyone out there already use it this way and do you have any processes or procedures they could share? Most of the training CSI offers on this is for the loan side. Thanks in advance for any help!

    Cuna Mutual Loanliner forms Business Accounts

    Employee at a credit_union ($291MUSA)
    Currently we use Cuna Mutual Loanliner forms for our consumer account documents.  We use another vendor for our business forms, but are looking to add in the Business Deposit Account forms from Cuna Mutual to streamline things within our organization.  If you use these forms from Cuna Mutual, we would like to know what you like or don't like? What doesn't work for you?  If you use these forms and could provide us with your input,  it would be appreciated.  If you would be willing to do a short phone call with us, can you please message me with your contact info so we can set something up?