TOPIC: New Accounts

New Account | Online Account Opening Fraud

Person at a bank ($1.2BUSA)
Hello  everyone,
I am in needed of assistance for your best Fraud Prevention Practices  for those of you that allow virtual account opening.
  • What are the current Online Account Fraud Prevention Program you currently have?
  • Do you utilized any fraud tool? If yes, could you provide the application name and/or your experiences?
  • What type of controls you have in order to mitigate the monetary exposure?

Thank you so much in advance

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      New Account Opening Rep Classroom Training

      Employee at a bank ($187MUSA)

      I am trying to create a classroom training program for new account opening.  We have only done one-on-one new account rep training in the past.  I am planning to cover opening consumer DDAs, Savs, CDs, and business accounts.  Also performing maintenance, changing names, addresses, debit card disputes, wires, stop payments, etc.  Does anyone have a Powerpoint they use for covering things like account ownership, ID requirements, CIP, different business types (sole owner, Corp, LLC, partnerships, deposit account regulations?  

      Any help would greatly be appreciated!