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Whitepaper: How Digital Lending Solutions for SMBs Can Increase Efficiency and Maximize Profitability

When considering the viability of the small business lending market, banks and credit unions often struggle to deliver these all-important loans quickly, conveniently and profitably. Among the hurdles are legacy core technology limitations, budget shortages and regulatory concerns. Our latest whitepaper addresses these hurdles and provides recommendations for institutions not only to navigate the barriers, but also to implement a digital lending solution for increased efficiency and maximized profitability. 

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    Guardian Analytics

    Manager at a bank ($488MUSA)
    Do any of you also use Guardian Analytics for Business Online & ACH anomaly detection? We're in the early stages of implementation and data gathering, but I was hoping some more seasoned users would be willing to share their daily process and what you look for/review. Thanks in advance!

      Moving from LIBOR to SOFR: Smoothing the Transition for Your Financial Institution

      LIBOR has been used for over three decades as the global standard benchmark. This will soon be changing and financial institutions will need to adjust their loans to the new benchmark, the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). To help you prepare, check out our white paper for a background and comparison of each rate, solutions to the challenges ahead and more. Read White Paper:

        5 Things Banks Should Know about Email Marketing

        According to a 2017 Econsultancy report (from, "10 Essential Email Marketing Insights for Banks & Credit Unions"), marketers rate email as a tactic that has one of the highest returns on investment. This can be true when email marketing is done right. But when done wrong, the consequences can be bad (and even ugly!).

        LISTEN: To learn how businesses can successfully leverage email marketing, listen to this podcast from Bankers Healthcare Group listed at the bottom.

        DOWNLOAD: We’ve also summarized the five biggest takeaways from the episode in the attached doc.

          Free whitepaper: The 3 Keys to Customer Service in Lending

          Companies that provide a higher-quality service experience than competitors gain several benefits, according to consumer research firm J.D. Power. Among the benefits are that they:
          • Acquire customers at a faster rate
          • Retain more of those customers
          • Obtain greater wallet share and
          • Command a higher price for their services and products.
          In other words, it pays to provide excellent customer service – whether it’s providing excellent service to the customer of the local pizza shop or to the owner of the local pizza shop.

          How can lenders provide top-notch customer service that provides a competitive advantage? What do business borrowers expect from lenders, and how can financial institutions do a better job of meeting those needs? Three keys to excellent customer service in lending are speed, a personal touch and a consultative connection. When lenders provide all three of these, they set themselves and their financial institutions apart from the competition and help generate profitable portfolio growth.

          **Download the rest of the complimentary whitepaper, "The 3 Keys to Customer Service in Lending" to learn more about how to excel in lending with speed, personal touch and consultative connections. **

            Small Business Streamlined Underwriting Template

            SVP at a bank ($270MUSA)

            This is a version of a simplified underwriting template utilized for small business credits typically less than $250,000 originated by our retail branch managers and small business loan officers. This form was used by our small business underwriters to expedite the underwriting process for smaller and less complicated business loan requests.