TOPIC: Information Security

BancPac Deconversion Cold Reports

AVP at a bank ($421MUSA)
Hello! We are converting from FIS BancPac to JHA Silverlake. We are going to have our Test Week in October. We did not contract for a "static bank" for test verification. Would anyone be able to assist me with identifying the reports we would use from FRM/Vision?

    BSA Training

    Employee at a credit_union ($291MUSA)
    We are looking for training specific to the IT department, we have a security officer and new IT techs who will be starting in the next week or so.  I looked at the SAR form for "types of activities" that may pertain to the IT dept but it was mostly limited to "account takeover and cyber event".  I realize they need to know about the systems we use to monitor for, identify, investigate and report o suspicious activity so I can cover that.  I know they need the reporting basics and why a SARs may be filed.  They may see something suspicious such as an intrusion, data breach, etc...  Does anyone have a sample of what they use for their IT dept for BSA Training?