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Ask Me Anything! Vendor Managers Tell All | Free October Webinar

Register for this webinar:Thursday, October 28, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT

Here’s your chance to ask your peers all your burning questions on vendor management! This Q&A will feature a panel of expert vendor managers from financial institutions like yours. From identifying critical vendors to reducing third-party risk—and everything in between—you’ll hear directly from fellow professionals who are finding ways to successfully tackle today’s top vendor management challenges. 
Our panel will address topics including: 
  • Critical vendor risk assessments  
  • Managing third-party expenses 
  • The vendor management lifecycle 
  • Vendor cybersecurity & ransomware prevention 
  • The impact of COVID-19 
  • Coordinating with other departments & functions 
Whether you’re a vendor management pro or new to the field, tune in to (anonymously) ask industry peers about their greatest challenges and gain insights into successful vendor management.

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Employee at a bank ($253MUSA)
We use FS-Isac for cyber security, threat, and incident alerts. Currently, we have a half-of-system for dealing with the mass of information it puts out and cleaning out the CSV file that takes FOREVER since they provide information on everything whether we use it or not. 

Does anyone have a more efficient / effective way of using this?