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Free January Webinar: Top Risk Trends of 2019

You are invited to our January webinar discussing the top risk trends to expect in 2019. Register for free today! If you are not able to make it to the live event, the recording will be available for download afterwards.

What does 2019 hold for risk, and what can you do about it? From fintech to Brexit and everything in between, this engaging webinar will explore the most notable risk trends for 2019 and what they mean for the industry and your institution.

You’ll gain insights into a variety of known and emerging risks addressing:

  • Technology investments & cyber risk
  • Compliance
  • Economic issues
  • Industry concentration & the environment
  • Competition - including products and markets
  • M&A activities & de novos

This analysis of the industry’s most recent trends will give you the information you need to get 2019 off to a strong start.

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    Wells Fargo Scandals: Re-Established 2018

    Hello, Bankers! Today we are discussing why Wells Fargo is back in the news! This post originally appeared on the Ncontracts blog.

    Wells Fargo Scandals: Re-Established 2018

    Barely a month after launching its “Re-Established” ad campaign with ads about “Earning Back Your Trust”, Wells Fargo is in trouble again. This time it’s settling Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges for violating its own internal policies...

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      Trust Documents Retention

      Employee at a bank ($100MUSA)

      Is there any trust departments that know what the requirements are for retention on shareholders documents? We have a small trust department and have been keeping all the shareholder booklets we receive for our clients. We probably have some from the 1990's. Does anyone know what we are required to keep and for how long?

        2017 Credit Union Call Center & Benchmarking Survey

        The results are in from this year’s 2017 Credit Union Contact Center Benchmarking Survey conducted by Strategic Contact. Register to learn how your institution stacks up and what key trends will impact your strategy for the year ahead. Registrants will also receive a link to download the results of the survey following the webinar.

        Join Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, and Al Rosenbaum, EVP of Customer Success at SilverCloud Inc., as they discuss the impact of and insights behind this year’s results. Gain a better understanding of the current industry landscape, while learning how to improve your member service and respond to growing competition. In this webinar, we’ll focus on:

        • The tensions, drivers, and disconnects behind a strategy focused on member experience
        • The challenges of relying on training, coaching, and development to address issues of high call volume and attrition
        • Call center staffing issues, metrics, and technology usage trends and gaps
        • Current approaches to reducing workload and improving agent performance
        • & much more

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          Buying Whole Loan Packages - No Servicing Rights - Policy/Procedures

          AVP at a bank ($3.4BUSA)

          Good morning! I'm attempting to write a policy regarding our practices buying loan packages, which I have very limited experience in. Does anyone else do this that may have a sample policy/procedure that explains either the process they take or what is provided to your regulators regarding this? I would love a starting point.

          Anything you have that could help me would be appreciated - we do this for both consumer and commercial loans, where the collateral varies from 1-4 residential and non-affixed collateral. Also, if you call this something else - please let me know! I have been asking around but may not be using the correct phrasing.

            Investment Securities Audit

            VP at a bank ($390MUSA)

            I was wondering if anyone had an Investment Securities Audit work program they would be willing to share? We have been outsourcing this audit for the past 7 years, so I'm concerned that my former work program may be outdated. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

              Public Entities Pledging

              CFO at a bank ($71MUSA)

              Is there any way possible for a bank to have some like a “blanket pledge” agreement for a customer that says something like the bank agrees to hold sufficient investments to collateralize a public entities balances above the FDIC insurance limit up to $XXMM. Or something like that… We’ve had a couple instances where a pledging customer brought in over $1MM at the end of a day that made it so that we were under pledged to them significantly.

              This would eliminate the need to have to jump through hoops in a short amount of time to get signatures on pledge agreements, etc... and would eliminate the need to have a seperate credit line at like the FHLB to pledge and pay for.