Horizon XE and FCM

VP at a bank ($854MUSA)
Is anyone on FIS core Horizon XE and use FCM in the lending area. We converted in March 2020 and are still having some real struggles on the lending side. 

    Smiley Technologies (STi)

    Employee at a bank ($162MUSA)
    Hello, I started working at a new FI in Dec 2020 that uses a core processor I have never hear of called STi or Smiley Technologies Inc. Anyone else use them and have any pointers?

      Call Center Authentication Process

      Employee at a credit_union ($1.1BUSA)
      Hello: We are looking to update our call center authentication process. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their current process. Also, does anyone utilize automation with the core to validate their member? Any information you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated. 
      Thank you!

        Switch from 6-day to 7-day core processing

        CTO at a credit_union ($407MUSA)
        Hi Everyone,

        We currently have Monday-Saturday business days in the core system and are looking to switching to having a business day seven days a week.
        We have a pretty exhaustive list of things that need changed, but I'm curious if anyone has recently done this and can share any gotcha's you experienced during your change.  Also, if you did this and have some samples of any member communications it would be great if you would share those.  Thank you!

          Bank Consultant Recommendation Request

          VP at a bank ($2BUSA)
          We have a fairly urgent need to get some additional skill working to resolve a number of historic and current accounting items, primarily originating from our loan book. We are looking for a bank consulting firm with expertise in FIS IBS Insight and general ledger entries. Does anyone have a bank consultant you would recommend that has experience with IBS Insight? Or if you could provide bank consulting firm names, I can reach out to them. Thank you. 

            Sparak to SilverLake

            VP at a bank ($58MUSA)
            Have any of you converted from Finastra Sparak to Jack Henry SilverLake?  If so, would you be willing to share your contact information so I can get some feedback from you regarding that conversion. 

              BancPac Deconversion Cold Reports

              AVP at a bank ($595MUSA)
              Hello! We are converting from FIS BancPac to JHA Silverlake. We are going to have our Test Week in October. We did not contract for a "static bank" for test verification. Would anyone be able to assist me with identifying the reports we would use from FRM/Vision?

                Over drafting set up- Converting from Ultradata to Fiserv DNA

                Manager at a credit_union ($611MUSA)
                We are currently in the process of converting cores from Ultradata to DNA and are hoping for some advice/insight on how to convert certain over drafting options as well as opinions on options being presented to us for over drafting in DNA.

                1. We have some members on our current core that we had set up with product level over drafting sequence. If you experienced this, how did you decide to convert the over drafting for these accounts?

                2.  Did you allow different ownership per suffix under one primary account in FSP – did they only allow over drafting from accounts with the same ownership? If so, how did they handle this when they converted to DNA? Did they have their members sign any form of acknowledgment for this change?

                3. Do they allow checking accounts to be part of over drafting in DNA? If so do they have a lot of members using this? Do they have any feedback about allowing this if they offer it

                Thank you!

                  FiServ DNA User Question re: SBA loan minors

                  VP at a bank ($16.2BUSA)
                  Looking for guidance and/or tips from DNA users regarding minor set up.  Challenge we are experiencing is with the 7a program.  7a loans can be primarily secured by real estate or by business assets or a combination of both real estate and business assets which doesn't seem to work well with the restrictive nature of DNA minors with respect to FDIC (Call Report) Codes and risk based allocations.

                  Example:  Loan is secured by business assets.  Business asset collateral value is limited, so the principal's primary residence is also being taken as collateral.  Collateral value of the principal residence is driving a call code of 1C2 and a risk allocation for real estate as well.  The risk allocation should be geared toward business (lesser risk allocation than real estate), however, the minor doesn't allow for a combination of real estate and business.

                  Any thoughts on how to approach this type of scenario would be greatly appreciated!  

                    ELAN Credit Card Integration with FIS Core

                    Manager at a bank ($656MUSA)
                    We have recently teamed with ELAN to provide our customers credit cards.  We are looking for a way to know that a customer has our card with ELAN.  We are on FIS HORIZON core and use CeB/BeB.  Is anyone uploading a third-party file into HORIZON to make that another account on a customers profile?  And if so, does that make the account then viewable on the online banking platforms mentions?  Thank you in advance for your time!