Free Webinar | Considerations for Automating AML Monitoring | Earn 1 CAMS Credit

Friday, September 20, 2019
2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT
Presented by Kevin Gulledge, CAMS
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Financial institutions have many choices when it comes to AML solutions. These solutions can be very complex in nature, or they can sometimes be very basic. Join us for this free webinar where we will discuss the top issues that bank and credit union management faces when selecting, implementing, and using an automated AML monitoring software solution. We will look at the challenges faced by the financial institutions including discussions about policies and procedures, customer and transactional data, budget constraints, core systems, teller systems and more.
Join to learn:
  • Understand the different types of automation that can support your financial institution’s BSA/AML program
  • Identify common points of failure that institutions may have in implementing a solution along with recommended solutions
  • Explain the implications that your BSA Program and Policies and Procedures may have on vendor or software selection
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    Vendor Experiences

    Director at a Company (USA)
         I'm a Commercial Banker who has switched over to a credit union. I'm working on up grading the Credit Union's loan department to full service AG, Commercial, Mortgage and Consumer offerings. Additionally we are wanting to make our products available on-line. In order to get this set up I'm looking to bring in a new vendor for Doc's, Administration and Underwriting support. I prefer one stop shopping if possible but I would mix and match vendors if that provided the best solution.Finastra (Laser Pro & Mortgage Bot) and Wolters Kluwer (Compliance One & CASH) are leading the pack right now. We are running CUnify on Fiserv.Does anyone have any experience with using either of these vendors on the core system we have in place?Any feedback or advice , good, bad or indifferent is appreciated. Thanks

         Originally Posted by Jim Handley, Sr. Com/Ag Lender of Sunlight, on 16 Jun 2018, to CBANC FI Professionals Community.

      mRDC with Bluepoint, Fiserv DNA, Q2

      Manager at a credit_union ($611MUSA)
      We are currently looking at switching our mRDC vendor, but are trying to figure out if we will benefit from this or if we should just stay with bluepoint. We are also in the process of core shopping and looking at Fiserv-DNA. 
      Is anyone currently on Fiserv DNA and uses bluepoint for mRDC? If so, could we set up a call to discuss pros and cons you have found.

      Thank you,

        PhoenixEFE and Papaer Statement Fee

        Employee at a bank ($1.1BUSA)

        I am looking for anyone that is using the PhoenixEFE core that has implemented a paper statement fee. Hoping for some assistance with how you set it up in the core.
        Bonus points if you use Q2 for your Internet Banking provider for the Estatements.
        Thank you in advance!

          Note Automation through CRM/Core?

          AVP at a bank ($15.9BUSA)

          Hello fellow CBANCers,
          Is anyone using any kind of automation to simplify note-taking for CRM purposes at the client/account level? I am wondering if anyone has been able to find a technological solution to ensure branch staff documents client interactions (i.e. positive/negative, exception related, etc) into CRM or even Core. This would certainly be extremely beneficial for call center staff as well as other support departments who routinely interact with clients.
          Just looking to see if anyone has found a solution or is looking to implement something similar. With all the technology advancements, I wonder if a vendor has figured out a way to solve automatic documentation that would relieve a user from having to spend 10-15 minutes typing in how their conversation went with the client.
          Thank you!

            Stop Payment Management Software

            Person at a bank ($7.1BUSA)

            We are looking to more effectively manage our stop payments in accordance with the regulatory requirements and timing. This would include checks, ACH items and bill payments. We use FIS' IBS system as our core and Finastra's Encore as our teller and CSR platform. Does anyone have recommendations on software that we could utilize to capture the Customer information along with the payment information to create systemic workflows and updates back to core.