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Demonstration | BSA/AML Compliance and Management - Join us Oct 23

October 23 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
BSA/AML Compliance and Management
Uncover Suspicious Activity & Strengthen Compliance

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Today’s landscape of changing regulatory requirements creates enormous pressure for compliance professionals to uncover potential money laundering and stay ahead of suspicious activity. Yet, many financial institutions still rely on legacy systems, broad rules and manual processes to manage daily compliance tasks.

Join us as we demonstrate how Verafin’s Financial Crime Management platform uses a big data intelligence approach, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to significantly reduce false positives and generate a higher quality of alerts. You’ll see how Verafin enhances anti-money laundering efforts with complete BSA/AML functionality to strengthen compliance and enhance your ability to detect, investigate and report potentially suspicious activity.

Highlights of this software demonstration will include:
  • Risk-rated targeted BSA/AML alerts and scenarios
  • High-Risk Customer Management and end-to-end CDD/EDD
  • Alert threshold testing and performance monitoring
  • Integrated financial crime Case Management
  • Automated regulatory reporting of SARs and CTRs
  • 314(b) Information Sharing
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    Infographic | Uncovering Crime Rings in the Cloud - Download Now

    Uncovering Crime Rings in the Cloud

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    This infographic provides an overview of a real-life crime ring spanning 32 institutions, involving 29 entities, active for more than 8 years, and representing potential losses of $10 million.

    Powerful cross-institutional analytics and information sharing technology allow financial institutions to see previously unseen risks, including criminals who repeat their unlawful activity across multiple institutions.

    Learn about the methodology, scale, activities and potential for loss in a multi-million-dollar crime ring.

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      Job Aid | Preparing for a Successful Exam Checklist - Download Now

      Job Aid
      Preparing for a Successful Exam Checklist
      What to do before, during, and after the exam.

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      Cramming for any exam is no fun. Nobody wants (or needs) that last-minute pressure! Certainly not when examiners are coming onsite in a few weeks.

      The best way to ensure a successful exam is to be prepared. We’ve created this exam checklist to streamline the process for you. Download now to know what will be covered on your exam, plan for the upcoming examiner visit, and review and organize your compliance documents.

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