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Digital Lending's Top 3 Features That Drive Revenue

Most financial institution executives are aware of and understand that the term “digital lending” refers to the digitization of all or parts of the loan origination and funding process. Borrowers using a digital solution typically initiate the loan process on a financial institution’s website using a computer or mobile device. They get fast approval or denial of the loan amount, can accept the terms of the loan and sign most documentation using e-sign—all within minutes. 

However, what are other digital lending solution attributes that can grow loan volume, improve efficiency and translate into bottom line savings and increased income? 

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    Symitar Check Hold Limits

    Manager at a credit_union ($402MUSA)
    Are there any Symitar users currently utilizing the Check Hold Base Amount; Check Dep. Total Amount; Check Dep. Total Date; Non-Reg. CC Check Hold Base Amt.; or Non-Reg. CC Check Dep. Total Amt. found in the Account record under Membership Status and Commercial Code? If so, how do you determine what the base amount is in regards to keeping it compliant with with Reg. CC? Attached is an image of what I am referencing. 

    I appreciate any help! Thank you!

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      Elder financial exploitation is a growing concern in our communities, and the more the U.S. population ages the faster crimes against the elderly will grow. Financial institutions have a unique position to observe this early and stop the activity prior to a victim being left financially destitute. In fact, in most states financial institution employees are mandatory reporters of elder abuse. This session will help you identify elder financial abuse in your community and help stop it before it’s too late.

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        Looking for DYNAMIC Revenue? Offer DYNAMIC Overdraft Limits!

        Is your financial institution offering only static, one-size-fits-all overdraft limits? If so, chances are that your overdraft revenue is likewise static.

        American consumers differ dramatically in their income levels and deposit behavior. So why would you offer the same limit to all your account holders?

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          Premium Trust Fund Account

          VP at a bank ($109MUSA)
          We have insurance agent who wants to set up a Premium Fund Trust Account for insurance premiums as required in Illinois. We have set them up different ways in the past, and are trying to figure out the proper account opening procedures for accounts in Illinois.   Is this considered a trust account or a small business account.

          John Smith Insurance and Financial (sometimes the agents file with a TIN and some use a SS#)
          Premium Fund Trust Account
          John Smith 
          Jane Doe (authorized signer)

          Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!