TOPIC: Risk Assessment

Webinar - 1 CAMS Credit | 2020 Crime Trends & Technology: A Year in Review - Join us Dec 3

December 03 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
2020 Crime Trends & Technology: A Year in Review
What’s on the Horizon for Fraud & BSA/AML in 2021?
A Special Presentation by Verafin Industry Experts

1 CAMS credit

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From the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 crisis to the historic 50-year anniversary of the BSA, 2020 has been a defining year in financial crime management. With year-end approaching, now is the time to reflect on lessons learned and the road ahead for 2021.

Join us for a special CAMS-accredited, year-end webinar as experts discuss key trends from 2020, such as COVID-19-related fraud schemes, online account takeover, and recent industry calls to modernize the BSA/AML regime, as well as potential challenges for 2021 and the role of technology in mitigating financial crime.

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Verafin will provide attendees with a certificate of attendance for 1 CAMS Credit. Attendees are responsible for submission of the certificate and reporting of credits to ACAMS.

    Demonstration | BSA/AML Compliance, Fraud Detection & High-Risk Customer Management - Join us Dec 9

    December 09 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST
    BSA/AML Compliance, Fraud Detection & High-Risk Customer Management
    A Consolidated Financial Crime Management Platform

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    Conventional approaches to financial crime management are now largely ineffective, with opportunistic criminals outsmarting inefficient manual processes and disparate point solutions. As fraudsters gain momentum, a cloud-based platform that evolves alongside criminal trends and provides holistic insights is more important than ever.

    Join us for an engaging overview of Verafin’s cloud-based, consolidated Financial Crime Management platform — a complete solution to detect, investigate and report financial crime. Our expert presenters will explore the power of Verafin’s big data intelligence approach, highly targeted detection scenarios enriched with open-source and third-party data, cross-institutional analysis, and collaboration through the Cloud.

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      Regulations for Holding Companies & Regualtions for National Banks

      Manager at a bank ($111MUSA)
      I am being asked to provide a list of regulations for Holding Companies and a list of regulations for National Banks. Does anyone have a shorten dumbed down version of these? Or know where to get a printable version that is not hundreds of pages long? Upper management is looking to use these for Internal Risk assessments.

        Fraud Risk Assessment

        VP at a bank ($12.7BUSA)
        I have been tasked with creating a Fraud Risk Assessment for our financial institution.  We are looking to merge the fraud area with the BSA area under a FIU.  Does anyone have a template that they are willing to share?  I hate to waste time recreating the wheel if someone is willing to share.


          Personal Line of Credit (PLOC) Periodic Review

          Employee at a credit_union ($44MUSA)
          Please share any insight to procedures/ best practices for reviewing lines of credit on a periodic basis to ensure continued qualification. We currently have no basis of review- if payments have been made as agreed and there is no indication of any financial struggles, we continue to honor the extension of credit. Curious to see how everyone else is handling these reviews?

            Compliance Monitoring/Testing Plan for a Loan Product Serviced by a Third-Party

            Employee at a bank ($13.6BUSA)
            Hello CBANC Family,

            I am once again reaching out for help. I am hoping I can get help from you all. We will be launching an unsecured personal loan/consumer loan product in the near future, and while the loans will remain in our books,  a third party will handle the origination and servicing of these loans. Do any of you have any compliance testing/monitoring plan(s) that you are willing to share with me, please? Any guidance will be immensely appreciated. Many thanks.